Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Saved from a Hard Spanking

Saved at the Last Minute

Truth be told, I have been a bit on the short-tempered side lately. I am a really mild temperament kind of guy. So “short tempered” doesn’t imply anything like shouting or being really aggressive. It just means saying some things in ways that would have been better left unsaid.

Well, as you would expect, after a few incidents like that she got irritated and mentioned it. I heard her loud and clear. But the little devil inside was riled up; about life in general I guess.
So we were driving along a lovely country road when she determinedly announced it had been too long and I could expect a “good hard” spanking later that evening. She very rarely, almost never actually, adds adjectives like “good hard spanking”. So after a few ineffective protests I shut up because she said she would definitely add to it if I kept making a fuss.

We got home and went about our business; doing normal house things. I was working in my office and she was off in another room sorting through stuff. And no, I didn’t forget for a minute that I had a session coming later – whenever she felt good and ready.

As it got into evening I was on edge. She doesn’t often forget and time was running out. Then she came into my office and announced that she was giving me a kind of pardon on the spanking. I was dumbfounded. Happy, but dumbfounded. I asked why.

The answer was that while she was sorting that stuff she came across some, let’s call it memorabilia, and she re-lived a time when I had shown total selfless dedication to her under tough circumstances. She said it softened her heart so much she could not punish me.
Well, right about then I got pretty mushy feeling too. So that was one evening with her paddle, or whatever she happened to be in the mood for, that didn’t have to happen. Now if I can just reel in that irritable little monster that I suspect is still lurking below the surface in me, all will stay good.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Reviews

I shared this piece in another Blog. But I wanted to make sure my own Peeps here can enjoy it.


We hold a weekly Review Meeting and she goes over the list of the things I committed to the week before. Most of them are about work productivity since I work at home. But she puts in anything else behavioral she wants to see improved. She strives to be fair and collaborative during each weekly planning session We talk about each item and she guides me if I am over-committing to something. She wants to see me succeed at all of it. So she really helps me think things through.

I take my work seriously; most of the time. But truth be told, I am never going to fully outgrow my self-indulgent teenage self. She never nags me about things during the week. Occasionally she tries to give me a little hint though. "Do you think you have enough time left in the week to finish X?"

So when Review Day comes and I am sitting in her office as she professionally goes over the list and discusses it with me, I may be nervous. But I don't argue about any of it. It's all been understood and agreed beforehand. If she decides that I simply procrastinated or for any other reason didn't make enough effort; well then it's almost always the cane and barber strop. Really not fun.

Other times she shocks me by saying I did well, even though not everything on the list got done. She evaluates all the factors very intelligently.

There is spanking about 7 out of 10 times. Believe it or not, I never do things on purpose to get discipline. It finds it's way into my life enough that I don't have to help the process along. She loves that brash teenager part of me and is completely giving him discipline.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The “Secret” to Eternal Female Sexiness

The “Secret” to Eternal Female Sexiness

It never ceases to amuse me when I see advertisements for all the beauty products, body toning systems, clothes, and books on how to be alluring to men. It’s like the one area where women are so vulnerable to the bullshit. Oops. Sorry about that. But I do feel passionately about it.

Attractiveness is an inside factor. It is way more about mental and emotional makeup than physical appearances. Sure, sure, I like eye candy as much as the next guy. But I’m not stupid and I would not attempt to live a life trying to be nourished by candy.

When a woman is smart, funny, confident, even informed, they are a pleasure to be around. If all you get is “pretty” without those other factors it gets old, and even depressing very quickly; for me at least.

For US; I mean the men who read this blog, a DWC woman who embodies the role of disciplinarian is always sexy. There are thousands of F/m photos on the web and if you are like me, as long as the woman in them seems genuine, she is attractive. It’s not about their age, body type, even their clothing. It’s about if you get the sense that she would take control and spank the daylights out of you.

So, the “secret” I wish I could convey to so many women is that it really does not take a lot of time and certainly it costs almost nothing, to become a goddess in a man’s eyes. They don’t need to go to excessive lengths and spend a fortune. Sure we all want and need to look our best. But there’s nothing to gain by getting caught up in the phony, advertising-driven insecurities.

I wish I could tell them “Having the effect you dream of on your man is so close, so easy, and so good for your relationship. It’s really a no-brainer and it’s a win win.

Maybe this is a conversation you would like to have with someone?

Monday, April 18, 2016

VHS Spanking Videos

This entry is different than any of my previous ones. Rather than a story or an essay, it's an offer.

A friend of mine is involved in some serious house cleaning and is discarding a massive trove of old VHS videos. Most of them are spanking videos made by professional studios (not copies of same). A few, he said, might be a bit more S&M or something like that. He didn't go into much detail. (None are anyone's private videos).

Anyway, if you want this collection, it's free to the first person I hear from. I'll bet there are some highly collectible titles (assuming such things are "collectible"). If you want it, you would have to pay for shipping and that's probably around $100 - $150.

Neither he nor I are aiming to make a penny on this. We would rather see this collection go to a good home instead of the dump. But we are not going to pay to give it away either.

I am offering this only on my Blog as a thank you to everyone who takes the time to check out my work.

To reply to this offer contact me at tomynash@gmail.com   First to contact me has first priority and so forth.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Adult Supervision"

Adult Supervision

Due to some unexpected health matters, the specifics of which are not important to this conversation, my wife has been away from home in Rehab for several weeks. Suffice to say she needed to recover and regain her strength. Naturally I visited her daily and we also spoke on the phone several other times each day.

When it was clear that her recovery was going very well I was able to relax and allow some humor back into my life.  I was having a conversation with a friend, not in any way knowledgeable about the DWC, about how my wife’s absence triggered the feeling that there was no “adult supervision” and I could do whatever I wanted to. I got into a kind of “first year in college” mode while she was gone; drinking more beer then usual and stuff like that.

Hearing myself say that was quite revelatory for me since actually my wife rarely stops me from doing what I want to. I won’t say “never” because she does put her foot down when she feels it is necessary. But I am certainly not over-controlled.

Just so you don’t misunderstand; I have not been letting things slip and have been keeping up on all necessary home business. But at the same time, to be honest, I have been over-indulging in some things I would not if she were home. But I am keeping busy making sure that she will be pleased with the condition of our home when she comes back.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the role of “Adult Supervision” in our Female-Led relationships. I have come to the opinion that, at least for me, I prefer to have my wife fulfill that role. Again, it’s not that I see myself as a child, nor do I lack the self-discipline to get work done. It’s just that there is an element of accountability that I appreciate when she is around.

Hmmm.  I wonder if this makes sense to anyone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spanking Cartoons

If you read my Blog I am pretty sure you are fan of F/m spanking and are someone who enjoys visiting a variety of spanking sites. I know that I regularly visit several. I join in the conversations; respond to their polls, etc.  By participating I not only share my ideas and experiences, I also get new ones. And the new ideas come both from what others have to say and from what gets stimulated in my own brain during the act of participating. (I have also made some online friends with whom I can have incredibly personal discussions.)

Two things in particular came up recently. The first, and most significant one, was when someone brought up the topic of a DWC-type spanking Bootcamp. I must admit I don’t recall all the details now. But I do remember that for some people it had to do with actually attending a formal Bootcamp event and for others it was more like setting up something privately at home.

I was motivated to have a heart to heart talk with my wife about our DWC lifestyle and in the process we made some decisions to kind of refresh things. We have not had a really substantial discussion about that aspect of our relationship in quite a while and it felt really good to do so.The outcome was the formal weekly review of my work (since I work at home). And it has been very beneficial. Well, my work has very definitely improved and if you count more and harder spankings as a benefit, then there is that too.

The second was more of an intellectual concept. On one of those other sites a man reported leaving an F/m spanking cartoon for his wife to find in their Implements Drawer and how that resulted in a red hot spanking for him. I commented that I really liked many of the cartoons and especially when they had great captions. That led me realize  that great cartoonists have a way of distilling the essence of a situation into a picture that connects to people directly; bypassing the analysis needed for words. 

I also realized that indeed some spanking cartoons seem to resonate more directly with me than an actual photo. I had always sort of wondered why that was and after my little conversation on that blog I learned something interesting about myself. So now I understand why certain cartoons are so appealing to me.

Well, I am going to use that insight as a jumping point to invite you to leave a comment , let me know if you get anything useful from here, maybe just say “Hi”; or not........

Monday, February 29, 2016

Paddle-Powered Productivity

Impending Trip to the Woodshed
Today I am using my little Blog like it was a personal DWC friend; another Hubby who would completely understand everything I talk about. I am doing it because I am nervous; for a good reason.
I work at home and I have not been achieving as much as I need to. So we talked things over extensively and beginning last week my wife began closely monitoring how I spend my work time. My responsibility is to keep a detailed and accurate time report that shows how much time I spend on the priorities we established together.

We were only a couple of days into it when she asked me to add a section to the report where I write down any issues she wants to address later. So during the week when something displeased her she simply told me to make a note; which of course I did. (This is pretty significant for me since she has sometimes forgotten “little things” in the past which saved my butt).

Well, today I submit my first accounting to her and it is obvious that my childhood habits of “skipping homework” have come back to haunt me. I did get some stuff done. But not nearly enough to even try to make a case for leniency.

I asked her yesterday if we could take a little trip today for sightseeing. Her answer was that the only trips on my itinerary were going to be to the woodshed and over her knee. (When we set up the reporting arrangement it included that she could check in on my daily results any time; so she knew already).
There is a chair she had me put in the woodshed when we set this whole thing up. And she stashed a few implements there as well. But I know she will have me standing up for a taste of the cane and it’s scaring the hell out of me. Well, PART 2 will be what actually happens………

It was not exactly what I had expected. She did employ a bath brush and a cane. But it was not the thrashing I had been so nervous about. What she did was go over all of the work assignments line by line and give me advice about how to do a better job for next week. She had excellent suggestions for time management too.

I had a day and a half of unplanned travel that week as well; and I so appreciated that she took it into account even though I did not bring it up as an excuse.

So while the day went better than I had imagined, I know her and she is giving me every opportunity to get it right; or really wrong after specific counseling. She did tell me that repeat failures, especially if they did not follow her advice, would result in “doubling of the punishment”.  I have been there with her before and “doubling” is a bad scene. I know she will say the same thing again and then we would be talking about doubling the doubling if I don’t figure out how to get it all done right.

Oh, and by the way. My spanking was done outdoors, on the front porch of our house. That was the first time ever for that. And even though we do have a great deal of privacy, it was still unnerving for me.