Thursday, May 16, 2013

My wife is the spanking disciplinarian in our home, but;

I don't know if anyone will ever read this blog but hey, it will be therapeutic for me to write something anyway.

If you are for real, I hope we can connect and get to know one another. The truth is, I have zero interest in participating in any phony Internet posing stuff. So, if this feels like it is going that way, I will just drop it.

My situation is that I have am married to a VERY capable disciplinary wife. I am not the type who can lay there quietly during a spanking, but she never quits it until she is satisfied she is done (which always feel like Forever over her knee) . This is not new to us and we have a few friends of the same mindset.

My problem, or issue if you will, is that I manage to successfully avoid spankings most of the time. Like most people I have that love/hate experience with it. Love to anticipate it, love to think about it later, but get freaked out when it is about to go down.

When my wife reaches the point where she will not accept any avoidance at all, I get a good hard spanking and lecture and the whole experience. But most of the time, she is willing to let me talk my way out of it.

She has said in the past that I need to ask for it and that is something that I simply cannot do. It so thoroughly destroys the setting, or headspace, of being ordered for discipline against one's will that I just cannot go there.

One the rare occasions when we are with others the element of a Community seems to help me get into the proper frame of mind and I am not so resistant.

I know it sounds stupid and for those who are so frustrated looking for someone like her they would probably want to wring my neck.

Well, let's see if anyone reads this and if so, finds it interesting.


  1. I would like to chat a bit about this subject with you.Are you still around.
    i made this email to allow you to get back to me

  2. It should be simple to wrap your mind around. You have been bad and part of your punishment is that you ask for it. If I were her I would withhold sex until you asked for it and then I would add additional spanking time for each day that I had to wait for you to ask for it.