Monday, June 10, 2013

O.K.  It's looking like this is my own personal diary and pretty much no one is going to be interested in it.

That's cool. I found an old diary from when I was a kid and I discovered some things about myself I never knew. So this can serve that same purpose.

We heard from a F/m spanking couple who live pretty close to us; maybe 20 minutes away. I'm hoping we meet them and they turn out to be fun, and real DWC people. 

Most often people get all freaked out and panic and don't want to meet. In a way that's really funny. Because when people do meet us they always like us - we are genuine people, people and like to have fun. We are accepting and non-judgmental.  Heck., I would like to meet a couple like us. :)

Well, we shall see where this goes.  Odd on are they will flake out.

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