Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh that Strap!

After posting yesterday about the DWC couple's visit last week; in which I mentioned that my wife has not seen the need for a lot of spanking recently, I got a real good licking with the strap this morning.

I can't hide anything from her; at least not in the long run. I loaned some money to a friend, who she  said not to give any more to because it never gets paid back. I don't really care about it. I know it's probably not getting repaid. And it's not much at all.

As sweet as she really is, if you say you are going to do something (like pay back money) she expects it will be done, period. But what's worse in her book is if we have talked about something and then I do "my own thing" (giving him money on the down low), oh that's bad news for me. I honestly do not do that often at all. He's a friend and he needed it.

He called and in the voice message he left was enough of a hint about the money that when she asked me about it I had to confess.

She already had it figured out when she asked me. I know because after I answered her she casually revealed that hideous belt; it is made of braided leather and it's stout, from behind her back.

No ceremonies - over the arm of the couch right then, my sweat pants tangling up my feet. She has a "system" all worked out. Once I am over the couch, she shoves this heavy coffee table against my legs - it's too complex to really describe - but trust me, it holds.

I must be an idiot to get into that kind of trouble.  I don't know how she managed to swing it so fast. It just kept coming and coming and even though she does not raise her voice, I heard every word.

I promised VERY SINCERELY that it would not happen again. But, that did no good at all. She's heard it all before.

I felt badly about letting her down for one thing. But, I think it was mostly feeling helpless and frustrated at the pain and that she was just not gong to let up until she was good and proper satisfied that brought the tears.

Ironic that I had just written that I don't get disciplined much. maybe it's some kind of Karma from the Universe. I REALLY don't think she knows about this Blog.  But, just in case  she reads anything on here she will see that I keep it real.

Here's hoping I don't have anything new to add very soon.

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