Sunday, November 10, 2013

The First REAL Discipline

I will never forget the first real disciplinary spanking from my wife. It came before we were married. We knew we were soul mates but had not moved in together yet.  She knew about my spanking fetish and we had dabbled in it; which was the first time I ever felt safe enough to tell anyone about it.
I had secured a good job in another city and she was going to come with me. Things were moving pretty fast and the new job pumped up my less-than healthy self-esteem. She has always supported me in every way she possibly could. She likes it when I am feeling positive, proactive, and in charge of my life. So my feeling a bit puffed up was not the problem.

You see, my wife does not have any interest in ordering me around on a day to day basis. She just wants to be obeyed on those certain occasions when she feels something needs to be done her way. It’s kind of interesting in that she does not ever discipline me to build up her ego. It’s only to make sure that I don’t do things that are harmful to us, or in some other way unacceptable to her; for example, lying is a big no-no around here.

I will skip the details of the matter that triggered the spanking. But I will say that I was tempted by a friend to participate in something that was illegal and risky. He convinced me that there was no risk involved and that with practically no effort on my part I could get a pretty nice nest egg of cash.
I got very excited about this “opportunity” and told her about it. She was adamant that the whole idea was unacceptable and that any risk, even if it was small, was foolish. I did not want to hear that. I felt strongly that the money would be very nice to have and that she was being unnecessarily prudish and so the argument escalated.

Believe me, I was not thinking at all, in any way, about the “spanking aspect” in our life. This was important stuff and I wanted us to have that nest egg.
Ah, well that was the day I discovered that my red-headed beauty had a temper. We were in the bedroom and she grabbed our one spanking implement; a long-handled paddle that I had made for her, and ordered me to bare my bottom and get across her lap – with such authority that I never even considered not complying.

I was lectured about the stupidity of even considering what I had wanted to do. But that was just background noise because the rain of bee-sting paddling I was receiving was shocking me. In retrospect, I imagine that it was my long-held fantasy coming true.  At the time, it was my worst nightmare coming true.  Again and again the swats came and I know I was making plenty of noise; pleading for her to stop.
She finally stopped. We were both out of breath and I was SO relieved it was over.  I started to say something, but I will never know what it was because she just looked at me and I saw the anger resurface.

She kind of handled me into a position face down on the bed and started right back with more spanking. I didn’t have a damn thing to say about it and the fact that it hurt so much and now I felt like it would never end and it was just too much. I was no longer resisting or kicking. I found myself crying.

A few hours later we had a long talk and I agreed with her that she was right about the whole matter. And it was not false compliance agreement to avoid more discipline. She HAD brought me to my senses and I have been trusting her wisdom for a long time since then. ( Not to say I don’t get stubborn and disagree at times – but I am smart enough to know how smart she is and that makes things work quite well.)

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  1. That must have been quite the eye opener. But it's good that she established that aspect and that you understood and obeyed her.