Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wedding Day Spanking

I notice that a few people are actually reading my Blog and I am wondering if it makes sense to write up more of the really interesting experiences I have had over the years or just wait for things to happen in real time and mainly write about them.

If you happen to be among the proud few, I would heartily welcome your input.
For today though, I feel like re-living a special moment of our wedding day.

We had ample time to ourselves before the actual ceremony and went for a walk. We were in the mountains, with a spectacular view of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The snow was crunching beneath our feet. I was wearing shoes – not boots. It was a spontaneous little side trip.
We were filled with the warmest of romantic feelings; sharing the glory of nature and anticipating a formal commitment to spend the rest of our lives together.
Hand in hand, we were gazing at the scenery when she said “I want to spank you right now. It feels right”.

I was unprepared for that and babbled the first things that came into my mind. “Here? It’s out in the open. And how could we do that? There’s no chair or anything.”
She sweetly shook off my confusion and told me to go find a nice switch and to hurry up about it. I went to a pile of fallen timber and easily found something serviceable. In case you are wondering, I always carry a pocket knife. It’s part of my normal routine - keys + pocketknife – I recommend this by the way if it’s not something you already do.

Anyway, after hastily trimming off the bigger knots on the switch, I turn back to where I left her and she’s seated on a large, fallen log, waiting for me.
She approves of the switch and I position myself over her knee in no time.
I don’t tend to count strokes, but I am going to guesstimate it was around 20 – 25.
If you have never experienced a vigorous switching on your bare bottom, I really can’t describe it adequately.  I’ll simply say that for me it was worse than a rattan caning. Talk about painful stinging! I don’t want to sound morbid, but it almost brings to mind what knife cuts are like.
The switching did not take long at all. One minute I was thinking.  Oh my God. This is unendurable; and the next we were walking hand-in-hand back to where the car was parked.

It was the perfect thing for her to do. It set the compass for our future together; a lot of sweet love and the occasional dose of tough love. When it comes to discipline spankings, she has zero interest in warm ups.  When she’s in that frame of mind, the second I am where she wants me all hell breaks loose. She gets right down to business.  That’s why I refer to it as “tough love”


  1. Any spanking regardless of the implement on a cold bottom hurts so much worse. And since you said there was snow I'm sure yours was very cold being bared.


  2. Hmmmm. It WAS chilly. But not extremely cold. You can have a really nice warm day in Tahoe and due to the altitude there will still be snow. It was in April.

  3. I'm sure that warmed you up Tomy! There's something about weddings and spankings that I just love so thanks for sharing!