Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bad Manners = Very Sore Bottom

A number of years ago we visited a couple we are especially fond of. Both of them are bright and sociable and the woman is a professional in the disciplinary world. Since they live a long way from us we don’t visit very often.

Even though we had the F/m thing in common, and talked freely about such matters, we had never actually indulged in it as couples. We just enjoyed visiting with an enlightened couple and having the freedom to talk about disciplinary stuff when it came up.

The woman had made us a special dinner and the table was set beautifully.  It wasn’t until after we were seated and she brought out the main dish that my problem began. I was allergic to the main dish.
Now, you may think from reading this Blog that I would handle this very diplomatically. But this was a number of years ago and I did not express myself politely. I was not ugly or blatantly rude. But I’ll admit that in retrospect it was insensitive and NOT polite.

She, being a classy woman, gave no indication that I had hurt her feelings or insulted her. But sometime after the meal, it was brought to my wife’s attention and subsequently to mine.  I was caught completely by surprise as I was unaware my actions had done that. I really did feel very bad about it. After all, I liked and respected the woman.

With me occupied watching a football game in the living room, there was a conversation in the kitchen that resulted in the decision that I needed some “private time” with our hostess. Our host and my wife cheerfully announced that they were going to take a drive into town and I was to remain at the house.

Not long after they left I went into the kitchen and apologized. I felt like an idiot for hurting her feelings. She looked into my eyes with intensity and asked if I deserved to be punished for it. Feeling like a kid, I admitted that I did.
She sent me into her study and told me to get ready. God bless her, she changed into one of her hot spanking outfits. It was a kind of 50’s era deal. But, eye candy lasts only so long and I got a real lesson in manners.

One thing about getting it from someone other than your own wife is their unexpected ways of doing things. For example, she stood up with one leg on a low stool and had me lay over her thigh. My feet barely touched the ground while she paddled my bottom like a hive of bees.  Before it was over she had used her strap, hairbrush, some paddles, slipper and a cane. It was something I will never forget.

Sitting during the ride home was very, very, uncomfortable. Then - before bed - my wife gave me another spanking. She must have been really mad because she could see how sore my butt already was and would not normally spank over that. She had been working on my manners for quite some time before that day and I guess she was just disgusted.

That was a long time ago and I have very good manners these days. I truly do appreciate her guidance and most of the time I actually think before I say things. It has worked out well in many different situations socially and professionally.


  1. Great story. I have had more or less the same experience. We met a couple on Bonnie's blog "My bottom smarts" a couple of years ago and continued in real life.
    After some time the lady told us, she was a professional. They thought they knew us now so well that knowing wouldn't harm friendship.
    One evening, I behaved very rude. For the couple a reason to go home early. The ladies talked about this the other day; I had to apologize and I had to make an appointment at her residence. I had to wait a couple of weeks but then it was the longest day... She was in full professional outfit and I got the spanking of my life. It was an experience to never forget and I was bruised for a week. It was very special that she handled the issue as if an other person had been insulted.

  2. Thanks for sharing that John. Who would ever imagine that we would ever have an experience like that in real life, huh?

    I hope you are like me in that you learn from them.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Oh, it was a very good lesson which many of us need fom time to time!