Saturday, November 22, 2014

Getting the Switch

I think of myself as a pretty easy-going kind of guy. And I do believe that’s an accurate and fair assessment. I generally lean toward politeness and tend to not anger quickly or often. But on the other hand, I do not let people push me around and I will speak up, plainly, against injustice. I start there so you will have a context for this next anecdote.

There is a prominent story currently in the news about an NFL football player, Adrian Peterson, who took a switch to his 4 year-old son and left welts on the toddler. Anyone who is NOT outraged by that kind of behavior has a screw loose upstairs. That, my wife and I completely agreed upon when we discussed the story.

But Old Dummy, that would be me, had to take the conversation further and bring up the topic of using switches for adult discipline. I have experienced it in the past and I vigorously advocated the opinion that it should be off the table. I said it is too harsh and often cuts into the skin.
Well, it was especially bad timing on my part because I was outraged about the little boy being hurt that way and my dander was still up. I allowed my passions about that to overflow into the discussion about adult discipline. While I would never be insulting toward my wife, I was overly “enthusiastic” about defending my point that a switch is too severe.

A part of me was watching in horror while the other part just kept at it and at it. The Smart part was saying “Shut up, Man”. But Old Dummy was on a roll. I am sure you can see where it went.
She sat me down in a chair and looked right into my eyes, in that all too familiar icy calm way. She said that we are two adults and should be able to have a civil conversation about anything. Then she made it clear that the way I had behaved was uncalled for. I knew exactly what that meant and silently resigned myself to the spanking that would soon follow.

As I tell you about it now, what would follow should have been obvious. But at that moment my expectation was that I would be paddled, get the strap, something “normal”. I always get very nervous about it and my mind does not exactly run calmly or analytically through what is happening.
So when she told me I had 10 minutes to go cut a fresh switch, peel it, and hand it to her, I was stunned. I managed a few sentences about it before I realized it was not only a waste of time, but that if I kept it up at all I would be getting extra.

It was wicked painful; standing where she told me to and enduring 10 strokes. I was in tears after 3 so you can imagine what it was like. I did my best to stay where I was told, but it was impossible. I jumped around, and she even had to pull me back to my place.

If you have never “had the pleasure” please take my advice and skip it.

Friday, October 24, 2014

"You won't sit down for a week!"

You know that old saying “I’m going to give it to you and you won’t sit down for a week?”
Well, I am living proof that there is such a thing. Oh I am sitting. But my little butt still feels the results of a spanking I got a week ago.
I won’t go into the details of why I got it. I’ll only say that I can’t exactly complain because it was deserved; 100%.

If you follow this blog, you know I am a retired dude with a DWC wife. Months can go by and nothing happens, or is needed, in the DWC area. But last week I did a bad thing and found myself OTK. She fetched herself a selection of paddles that she seems to like and used every one of them on me.

Since it had been a fairly long time since the last time she felt the need, I was what you might call, “out of shape”. I was also not used to it and damn, it hurt a whole lot. Stung like a pack of bees!
She said what I referred to in the beginning. “You are going to get a good spanking for what you did and you won’t sit for a week.”

Well I can sit. But I really feel it.

You know, those spankings seem to go on forever. When she reminds me why I am being spanked it seems to reinvigorate her and the swats get faster and harder. She definitely got her message across and I will NEVER do that again.

Oh, and now that she seems to have  has refocused on using spanking to bring me back into line as she calls it, I can expect more. I guess that's good news. My butt would probably not agree.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Spirituality of Discipline

I had an incredibly interesting experience with a disciplinary wife this week.  But before you read another word, I need to tell you that there is no exciting spanking activity in this blog entry. I think it’s a deeply moving human interest story. But if you are reading strictly for spanking action, I don’t want to waste your time.

A disciplinary wife, and good friend of ours, currently lives overseas and has not been traveling for several years. We originally met through our mutual interest in Female-led discipline and socialized with her and her husband for years before they went overseas. It came about that she did need to make a trip. Because they had limited funds for traveling, her itinerary was based on the cheapest way to travel and not convenience. So her flight included an out-of the-way overnight in San Francisco.

When my wife found out, (they still chat on email, IM etc.), she insisted that she stay the overnight with us. I was to pick her up from the airport, bring her home and then back to the airport the next day.

Anyway, she is the spiritual leader of a conservative church group in Europe. So as must be obvious to the reader, her disciplinary side is a very carefully kept secret.

Even though I have known her for a pretty long time, we never sat down and had what I guess you would call a deep conversation. Driving, I had the unique opportunity to talk with her for a lengthy period and I asked if she felt like it was wrong for a Pastor to also be a disciplinary wife who on occasion disciplines other people.

She told me that her experience of giving strict discipline to men and women was, for her, an informal ministry. She felt that she provides a kind of soul-cleansing for people with a unique need. She does not judge them about that need and in a big way they end up feeling; well, forgiven I guess was the essence of it.

She is a seriously kind-hearted woman. She’s incredibly considerate and totally service-oriented. Hopefully some of you will appreciate this story. There is no “moral” to it or anything, except maybe that there are some pretty wonderful women out there who understand us.
We reminisced about some of the “spanking parties” we had all attended and she told me a little bit about some of the activities that occurred that I never knew about. In case you have never been to one of those, what usually happens is that there is a central “socializing” area, often a living room, where people sit and visits and spankings are given in public. And then there rooms where, for whatever reason, they are done in private.

In the course of our talking she revealed to me that once in a while there would be someone in those rooms who desired/needed intense punishment. While she did not dwell on the details I learned that those sessions would have been very difficult for me to witness and they involved more of what I consider S&M practices. (How naive could I have been?). Anyway, the point is that she administered what I can only think of as severe pain; although it sounded like for those individuals it was definitely pleasurable.

When I asked how she did that, and if she enjoyed it, she explained that those sessions were not about her at all. They were a gift and a service to people whose needs, regardless of how the world might judge them, were unfulfilled. She was able to transcend the actual activity and minister to a lonely and needy fringe of people. It was a mind-boggling conversation for me.

Oddly, over the years we knew them, I never had “the pleasure” of receiving her discipline. But I know from her husband that she takes care of business with exceptional thoroughness. What was so special for me was to hear about the love she puts into all of it. She cares very deeply about the well being of those people and they know it.

Again, I hope this was worth your time. Because it’s not a very exciting “spanking story.”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unexpected Visitor

If you follow this Blog, you already know that we have been part of an active Disciplinary Wives Community for many years. At one time there were quite a few couples we socialized with and of course the wives were very supportive f one another.

One form of that supportiveness was when one of the women, for some reason, was unable to keep up with the necessary discipline activities in her home, another would fill in. The reasons went from working out of town, or living elsewhere temporarily for family reasons, or simply illness.

I can picture it as though it were yesterday; when a naughty hubby was sent to our home to “visit” with my wife. I did my best to keep out of sight so as not to make it more embarrassing for them. But you just know I was insanely curious about what was going on. In case you wonder; I DID NOT secretly invade their privacy and go listen in or anything. Yes, I would be a big liar if I said there was no temptation. But I am happy to say, I did the right thing.

Well, recently my wife became ill. I won’t go into the details. But, it was a tough time for us. Thankfully she is well again. During her recovery she said a few times that even though I was taking good care of her, I was messing up in other ways that deserved spanking. Given her condition, I knew that reckoning for that would be a long way off.

Then a couple of days ago the door bell rang and it was a disciplinary wife we had known a long time ago. I had no idea she had kept up a few of the friendships from the past. I was clueless about that. I was dumbfounded. I could not even compute that it was her or get my head around what she was doing at the door. But, yea I figured it out pretty quickly.

After a sweet greeting and catching up with my wife she told me what she was there for. Like I said, I had figured it out and I meekly complied with her directions to wait for her in the study we use for spanking.
She told me to be waiting across the bed with pillows propped under me, bottom ready, and to not give her any trouble; which I did quickly. I remembered from a long time ago that she was particularly annoyed by being made to wait or not obeying quickly.

She said she was going to make sure it would not be necessary for her to drive all that way again. She said this was going to “take care of things for the foreseeable future” I got pretty nervous.
The spanking was long and not gentle. She switched between implements a few times. So I recall a strap, a few different paddles, the damned cane, and her hairbrush. What a menu! And she got a real workout. I could hear her breathing hard from it. So you can imagine what I was doing. (Hint. It was not pretty).
It was one serious spanking session. She came to take care of business and leave an impression. It was a long session. I don’t know how long. But long. She spoke very sternly to me about why I was getting it and repeatedly expressed anger at having to drive all that way (at which times the swats seemed to get a bit harder.)

I had thought I was on best behavior before she even got there. But oh boy, did I find a way to be a lot better after she was gone so as never have to see her again. I am still black and blue and tender and if I know my body, it won’t be gone very soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for. Your dreams may just come true.

Here I am later in life and still married to the woman of my dreams. Let me assure you that I am still living the dream and so many ways.

The “be careful what you wish for” opening is really tongue in cheek. Or to b e more specific about it; paddle on cheeks.

As a reader of my little Blog here, you know I am not a kid anymore.  So, I figured that when I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago that it was time to “move on past” the disciplinary wife lifestyle into a more, shall I say dignified period, she would understand and concur.

But that was not the reaction I got. Instead she said that our agreement was for a Lifestyle, not for a temporary bit of entertainment. “Temporary?” said I. “We have been doing this for many years. It’s time to give it up.”

But alas, she is so compelling, in so many ways. In the end, all I could say was “Just as you wish, my love”.

I should have known, by this time, that all a discussion like that does is reignite her enthusiasm to redden my bottom more often, more vigorously, and with greater creativity.

Thus she decided to peruse my computer and my Blog; which is of course always open to her. She just has not had any interest to poke around for a long time and I am not in the habit of discussing those things with her.

She printed out the little story I recently wrote about the woman who used the timer and how she  liked the idea herself and used it on me that time.

Being the creative type that she is, she thought it would be fun (for her) to try a different method for “regulating” her spanking timing. She produced a metronome. If you are not familiar with those, they are the devices that musician use to practice keeping their timing even. They have a kind of pendulum that goes click, click, click at the speed you set it to.  The one she got is electronic and has she was able to set to the volume as she preferred.

Anyway, there had been a minor incident recently, which I suspect she would have let pass completely except for my bringing the topic of spanking to her attention by attempting to opt out of our spanking arrangement.

So there I was, in the classical position with pants at ankles across her lap. She had a wonderful time experimenting with paddling me at a whole variety of speeds. I honestly can’t say if the high speed “bee stings” or the agonizingly slow rhythm of “oh crap here comes another one” was worse. What I can tell you is that she found the whole thing entertaining and was in no hurry whatsoever to end my time over her knee.

I was not clock-watching. But I do know for sure it was the longest consecutive period I ever spent across her at one time.   Even though she was in what I would describe as a light-hearted mood, my bottom was beet red and "very well-done" when she finished.
Then we went out for a nice Italian dinner and I was thrilled to be out on a date with my lovely DWC wife who smiled at our little secret whenever I had to wiggle a bit in my seat to try to get more comfortable.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How long is a good spanking?

Yesterday I was setting the timer to bake a frozen pizza in the oven when suddenly I had an unexpected recall of yet another “educational experience” from the past.

I have mentioned before that we have entertained quite a few F/m couples at home over the years. But, I will repeat it here because not everyone who clicks onto my Blog has read the previous stuff.

One of the truly most interesting things for me was to experience how the disciplinary scene is handled by different women. They each develop their own way of doing things. So when one of those social visits progressed into some spanking time, what often happened was that my wife would take the other husband into a room for a session and I would go with the wife into different room.
It was extraordinary to experience what it was like to be under another woman’s discipline as it would be in her home.

One woman followed a highly regimented practice. She told me to explain the reason I was about to be punished. Then she asked many penetrating and embarrassing questions about it so I had to plainly admit what I had done wrong.
Then she decided how long the spanking was going to be, announced the amount of time, and actually set a timer.
When she said I was going to get 2 minutes I almost laughed. But, I just nodded and thought it was going to be pretty easy.
Once she had me across her lap she pinned my arm back and locked in my legs with her leg. Then she started the timer and began a VERY rapid, relentless, flurry of swats with a paddle she had brought with her.

It was “only” two minutes. So that should not have been a problem for me. Right?
Wrong. You cannot believe how many spanks she delivered in those minutes. And it definitely did not feel like “only” two minutes.

Later when I was talking with her husband by the barbeque he told me how nervous he got when he was in trouble and waiting to hear the amount of time she was giving him. I totally understood and felt rather like we were almost brothers for a short while.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The spanking that saved my life

I wish I could reach some of the women who are reluctant or unwilling to take on the disciplinary position in their homes. I would say to them "I know you love your man and care about his well being and happiness. I understand that the concept of spanking him is alien to you and that there are probably fears about things like seeing him differently after that. But once you get past your own resistance to it, it's like jumping into cool water on a sweaty hot'll probably like it a lot and not want to come out of the water."

I would tell them all about the many frustrated hubby's who want it, who ask for it, who definitely need it, and who would be happier and healthier with it. I would describe the marriages saved, the intimacy that develops, and the actual health benefits that I personally believe come with it. Yep. I am convinced that the hormones or whatever the right word for the way the body responds to feeling unparalleled stress relief, peace, closeness with their wife, and lots more lead to a healthier, and probably longer life.
Here's a story about one particular whipping I got almost twenty years ago saved my life last week.

A couple from Europe with whom we had become good friends on the Internet were visiting the U.S. and came for a visit. With the DWC thing in common, and all the Internet chatting, it felt like seeing old friends instead of meeting new ones.
We were eager to show then a good time and we picked out a number of interesting places to show them. Naturally I did the driving. Well, I had a bad habit which was hardly ever using my seat belts. For some reason that was unacceptable to the woman and she reminded me about it. Being in a jovial mood, I joked back about it and didn't realize how important it was to her.

She straight out told me that if I neglected it again she would spank me when we got home. Being that my wife had me trained to respond to that I did make an effort. But soon I forgot again - remember it was a habit.
As it turned out, the woman was a strict disciplinarian. Very English. When we got back home she was single-mindedly focused on delivering on her threat and I was sent to wait for her in our bedroom. I later learned that she had my wife's enthusiastic blessings for it.

She had her own way of doing things and it started with me having to immediately remove all clothes from below the waist. Then she "educated" me with a rattan cane that she had brought all the way from home. It was excruciating. It was over the top for me and she apparently could care less about how much I suffered. I can't begin to tell you how many strokes or anything like that. I was too involved in surviving to do something like count.

Afterwards she made me look into her eyes, with mine swimming with tears, and said that it would be worse if she saw me without a seat belt again. I promised, and swore that it would not happen again. THEN it was over her knee for some finishing touches with a paddle.
Since that day I have always used the seat belts; even for small, local drives. Last week my car was smashed into from behind while I was at a red light. Between the airbag and the seat belts I came out with very minor injuries; mostly being solved with chiropractic. I was on a local errand and if not for the life-changing, and possibly life-saving, whipping I endured so long ago; well who knows?