Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disciplinary Wives Club saved my Marriage

We have been believers in the Disciplinary Wives Club since it first went up in the Internet. So, I always knew that our spanking arrangements were good for the overall relationship. The obvious example is that your wife has the ultimate option of paddling your bottom for behavior unacceptable to her that means that if something is so upsetting to her that it could destroy the whole relationship, she’s going to take action, and plenty of it, to make you change that.
That has worked to the benefit of our long term relationship and I say it was completely worth it. If I ever lost the relationship, I would be lost, period.
I recently found out that in her estimation we actually would not still be together without the DWC. It came up in casual conversation. But she was being completely serious and honest when she told me that.
During some of the most challenging periods of our lives together the whole collection of circumstances were just too much for her. There were a lot of things that I won’t specify here that came at us from all sides. And while this was going on, there were times when I somehow failed to do whatever it was that I had agreed to. This after long reasonable conversations where we decided together what would be best. So, it wasn’t like I was just giving lip service by agreeing to something she was telling me to do. It was more like me caving in and doing the easier thing when the time came after we had worked it out before hand.
I know that sounds awful and frankly it’s embarrassing to see it in writing. If I were to provide the actual details you would understand why I behaved that way and probably be somewhat sympathetic. But, at the end of the day, she had every right to expect me to do what I said.
One day, with other people in the house, she had reached one of those boiling points and set it up that, as far as they were concerned, we would be searching for something in the garage and would return in a few minutes.
Once we got into the garage, she gave me about a very short lecture about why she was so mad and then produced her cane and lashed my bare bottom while I chewed on a towel. There was music playing in the house and people were busy. But, nothing would have prevented someone from coming in to help us “search” or with a question.
Oh my, that was such a painful whipping. I was dancing, moving this way and that. But, she had everything well managed. I was holding on for dear life to a bracket on the wall and even with how terrible the pain was, I was not going to let go of that thing. I had to suffer and endure.
Walking normally was a major dramatic performance on my part when we went back inside. Sitting down and resuming “normal” conversation was also very difficult. People asked a couple of times if I was O.K. They said I was flushed and all that.
Well, I lived though that day, and quite a few others. But, today I am still with the woman of my dreams and I am a much, much, better man then I would be without her.
I am not sure how much longer I am going to keep writing for this Blog. I’ll probably leave it up there for the occasional spanking aficionado to stumble upon. We’ll see. But, I did think this one would be important for some people to know and understand.


  1. So interesting to look back a year and see that I didn't think I would keep the blog up. I was disappointed because I wasn't getting feedback or even making any new friends.

    But when I discovered how popular it became, and how many people tune in and, I assume enjoy each entry, I had to keep going.

    SO Happy New Year anyway :)

  2. glad to read your story and that you are now under the control of a good strict lady

  3. Just a note to say hi and to see if my Google name is still working. I jumped in here from a web search on DWC.