Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Man Who Got What He Asked For

Back when we were regularly socializing with an extended community of spanking people a emailed me because he wanted to discuss his circumstances. We could have chatted that way, but it was clear to me that that he really hoped to talk in-person.

He lived in the Southern Cal area and I was up north in the Bay Area. But since my wife and I were driving down there every couple of months, and we would be driving through the city he lived in on our way to our destination I suggested we try to coordinate a meeting during one of those trips. Which we did.

We met at a Denny’s right off a highway exit. Either I was not specific enough, or he missed my meanings, but he was stupefied to see that my wife was with me. He only expected me. Fortunately, we are a very down-to-earth couple and in just a few minutes he was comfortable and openly talking about everything.

This is his story and I have always loved it. So, even though it’s not about me, per se, I am sharing it here.
His situation was that he had married a woman with a young teenage son. In her child rearing philosophy, the boy was definitely not too old for spanking and it not all that unusual for him to receive one. She was what is referred to as an “old fashioned, no-nonsense” disciplinarian.
For example, if he brought home a bad school report, he could count on marching into the bedroom for his comeuppance.

The man and his wife had a home-based business. It was some kind of financial planning services. I never got into the details of it with him. But it entailed sales, contacting new people, as well as timely follow-up on commitments, etc.  He did all of the house calls and such while she handled the office end of things. But they were both home quite a bit.

Well, when the woman decided the boy needed a spanking, she would just take him into the next room, close the door and then scold and spank the daylights out of him. The man, being right there, heard everything.  I don’t recall exactly, but I think that was when he discovered for the first time that he had a desire for the same kind of treatment.

We talked with him for about an hour and a half and emphasized the criticality of open communication; after which he said he felt that he could muster the courage to tell her.
We spoke on the phone a couple of weeks later and he told us what had happened. He definitely took her by surprise. But she did not have any trouble responding. She told him that she could easily handle it, but that he had to be sure it was what he wanted because she was not open to “experimenting”.  In other words, it was a one-way door. If he went through it, he could not decide to back out later.

He committed to be all in and soon found out; much to his chagrin that she thought his work habits were quite poor. I asked him if she had mentioned that before and he said, after thinking about it, that she had, but not insistently.

I had to laugh when he lamented about how “inflexible” she was and how much he DID NOT like the whole spanking arrangement anymore. She had never spanked another adult, but much like my own wife, she was a “natural”. In other words, she was very effective at delivering discipline.
I kept in touch with him for a couple of years. But have long since lost track. But the last I heard, their business had become dramatically more successful. Their whole financial picture and lifestyle was greatly upgraded.  I said to myself “uh huh. Once SHE started taking care of business, he did too.”

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  1. Hi Tomy,

    I am of similar age to you and for a long time self-employed. Your last comment struck a cord - I wish I had allowed my wife to spank me for not following through on doing what was truly needed to make the business more successful.