Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The spanking that saved my life

I wish I could reach some of the women who are reluctant or unwilling to take on the disciplinary position in their homes. I would say to them "I know you love your man and care about his well being and happiness. I understand that the concept of spanking him is alien to you and that there are probably fears about things like seeing him differently after that. But once you get past your own resistance to it, it's like jumping into cool water on a sweaty hot day...you'll probably like it a lot and not want to come out of the water."

I would tell them all about the many frustrated hubby's who want it, who ask for it, who definitely need it, and who would be happier and healthier with it. I would describe the marriages saved, the intimacy that develops, and the actual health benefits that I personally believe come with it. Yep. I am convinced that the hormones or whatever the right word for the way the body responds to feeling unparalleled stress relief, peace, closeness with their wife, and lots more lead to a healthier, and probably longer life.
Here's a story about one particular whipping I got almost twenty years ago saved my life last week.

A couple from Europe with whom we had become good friends on the Internet were visiting the U.S. and came for a visit. With the DWC thing in common, and all the Internet chatting, it felt like seeing old friends instead of meeting new ones.
We were eager to show then a good time and we picked out a number of interesting places to show them. Naturally I did the driving. Well, I had a bad habit which was hardly ever using my seat belts. For some reason that was unacceptable to the woman and she reminded me about it. Being in a jovial mood, I joked back about it and didn't realize how important it was to her.

She straight out told me that if I neglected it again she would spank me when we got home. Being that my wife had me trained to respond to that I did make an effort. But soon I forgot again - remember it was a habit.
As it turned out, the woman was a strict disciplinarian. Very English. When we got back home she was single-mindedly focused on delivering on her threat and I was sent to wait for her in our bedroom. I later learned that she had my wife's enthusiastic blessings for it.

She had her own way of doing things and it started with me having to immediately remove all clothes from below the waist. Then she "educated" me with a rattan cane that she had brought all the way from home. It was excruciating. It was over the top for me and she apparently could care less about how much I suffered. I can't begin to tell you how many strokes or anything like that. I was too involved in surviving to do something like count.

Afterwards she made me look into her eyes, with mine swimming with tears, and said that it would be worse if she saw me without a seat belt again. I promised, and swore that it would not happen again. THEN it was over her knee for some finishing touches with a paddle.
Since that day I have always used the seat belts; even for small, local drives. Last week my car was smashed into from behind while I was at a red light. Between the airbag and the seat belts I came out with very minor injuries; mostly being solved with chiropractic. I was on a local errand and if not for the life-changing, and possibly life-saving, whipping I endured so long ago; well who knows?