Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How long is a good spanking?

Yesterday I was setting the timer to bake a frozen pizza in the oven when suddenly I had an unexpected recall of yet another “educational experience” from the past.

I have mentioned before that we have entertained quite a few F/m couples at home over the years. But, I will repeat it here because not everyone who clicks onto my Blog has read the previous stuff.

One of the truly most interesting things for me was to experience how the disciplinary scene is handled by different women. They each develop their own way of doing things. So when one of those social visits progressed into some spanking time, what often happened was that my wife would take the other husband into a room for a session and I would go with the wife into different room.
It was extraordinary to experience what it was like to be under another woman’s discipline as it would be in her home.

One woman followed a highly regimented practice. She told me to explain the reason I was about to be punished. Then she asked many penetrating and embarrassing questions about it so I had to plainly admit what I had done wrong.
Then she decided how long the spanking was going to be, announced the amount of time, and actually set a timer.
When she said I was going to get 2 minutes I almost laughed. But, I just nodded and thought it was going to be pretty easy.
Once she had me across her lap she pinned my arm back and locked in my legs with her leg. Then she started the timer and began a VERY rapid, relentless, flurry of swats with a paddle she had brought with her.

It was “only” two minutes. So that should not have been a problem for me. Right?
Wrong. You cannot believe how many spanks she delivered in those minutes. And it definitely did not feel like “only” two minutes.

Later when I was talking with her husband by the barbeque he told me how nervous he got when he was in trouble and waiting to hear the amount of time she was giving him. I totally understood and felt rather like we were almost brothers for a short while.

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