Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be careful what you wish for. Your dreams may just come true.

Here I am later in life and still married to the woman of my dreams. Let me assure you that I am still living the dream and so many ways.

The “be careful what you wish for” opening is really tongue in cheek. Or to b e more specific about it; paddle on cheeks.

As a reader of my little Blog here, you know I am not a kid anymore.  So, I figured that when I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago that it was time to “move on past” the disciplinary wife lifestyle into a more, shall I say dignified period, she would understand and concur.

But that was not the reaction I got. Instead she said that our agreement was for a Lifestyle, not for a temporary bit of entertainment. “Temporary?” said I. “We have been doing this for many years. It’s time to give it up.”

But alas, she is so compelling, in so many ways. In the end, all I could say was “Just as you wish, my love”.

I should have known, by this time, that all a discussion like that does is reignite her enthusiasm to redden my bottom more often, more vigorously, and with greater creativity.

Thus she decided to peruse my computer and my Blog; which is of course always open to her. She just has not had any interest to poke around for a long time and I am not in the habit of discussing those things with her.

She printed out the little story I recently wrote about the woman who used the timer and how she  liked the idea herself and used it on me that time.

Being the creative type that she is, she thought it would be fun (for her) to try a different method for “regulating” her spanking timing. She produced a metronome. If you are not familiar with those, they are the devices that musician use to practice keeping their timing even. They have a kind of pendulum that goes click, click, click at the speed you set it to.  The one she got is electronic and has she was able to set to the volume as she preferred.

Anyway, there had been a minor incident recently, which I suspect she would have let pass completely except for my bringing the topic of spanking to her attention by attempting to opt out of our spanking arrangement.

So there I was, in the classical position with pants at ankles across her lap. She had a wonderful time experimenting with paddling me at a whole variety of speeds. I honestly can’t say if the high speed “bee stings” or the agonizingly slow rhythm of “oh crap here comes another one” was worse. What I can tell you is that she found the whole thing entertaining and was in no hurry whatsoever to end my time over her knee.

I was not clock-watching. But I do know for sure it was the longest consecutive period I ever spent across her at one time.   Even though she was in what I would describe as a light-hearted mood, my bottom was beet red and "very well-done" when she finished.
Then we went out for a nice Italian dinner and I was thrilled to be out on a date with my lovely DWC wife who smiled at our little secret whenever I had to wiggle a bit in my seat to try to get more comfortable.