Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Spirituality of Discipline

I had an incredibly interesting experience with a disciplinary wife this week.  But before you read another word, I need to tell you that there is no exciting spanking activity in this blog entry. I think it’s a deeply moving human interest story. But if you are reading strictly for spanking action, I don’t want to waste your time.

A disciplinary wife, and good friend of ours, currently lives overseas and has not been traveling for several years. We originally met through our mutual interest in Female-led discipline and socialized with her and her husband for years before they went overseas. It came about that she did need to make a trip. Because they had limited funds for traveling, her itinerary was based on the cheapest way to travel and not convenience. So her flight included an out-of the-way overnight in San Francisco.

When my wife found out, (they still chat on email, IM etc.), she insisted that she stay the overnight with us. I was to pick her up from the airport, bring her home and then back to the airport the next day.

Anyway, she is the spiritual leader of a conservative church group in Europe. So as must be obvious to the reader, her disciplinary side is a very carefully kept secret.

Even though I have known her for a pretty long time, we never sat down and had what I guess you would call a deep conversation. Driving, I had the unique opportunity to talk with her for a lengthy period and I asked if she felt like it was wrong for a Pastor to also be a disciplinary wife who on occasion disciplines other people.

She told me that her experience of giving strict discipline to men and women was, for her, an informal ministry. She felt that she provides a kind of soul-cleansing for people with a unique need. She does not judge them about that need and in a big way they end up feeling; well, forgiven I guess was the essence of it.

She is a seriously kind-hearted woman. She’s incredibly considerate and totally service-oriented. Hopefully some of you will appreciate this story. There is no “moral” to it or anything, except maybe that there are some pretty wonderful women out there who understand us.
We reminisced about some of the “spanking parties” we had all attended and she told me a little bit about some of the activities that occurred that I never knew about. In case you have never been to one of those, what usually happens is that there is a central “socializing” area, often a living room, where people sit and visits and spankings are given in public. And then there rooms where, for whatever reason, they are done in private.

In the course of our talking she revealed to me that once in a while there would be someone in those rooms who desired/needed intense punishment. While she did not dwell on the details I learned that those sessions would have been very difficult for me to witness and they involved more of what I consider S&M practices. (How naive could I have been?). Anyway, the point is that she administered what I can only think of as severe pain; although it sounded like for those individuals it was definitely pleasurable.

When I asked how she did that, and if she enjoyed it, she explained that those sessions were not about her at all. They were a gift and a service to people whose needs, regardless of how the world might judge them, were unfulfilled. She was able to transcend the actual activity and minister to a lonely and needy fringe of people. It was a mind-boggling conversation for me.

Oddly, over the years we knew them, I never had “the pleasure” of receiving her discipline. But I know from her husband that she takes care of business with exceptional thoroughness. What was so special for me was to hear about the love she puts into all of it. She cares very deeply about the well being of those people and they know it.

Again, I hope this was worth your time. Because it’s not a very exciting “spanking story.”


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  2. Dundeal,

    I did try to reach out to you. Don't know if you received my email.

  3. Hi Tommy,
    It has been quite sometime since we have corresponded. Things are pretty much the same in my life. My wife does not have any desire to enter into discipline, or spanking in any way.
    I hope that all is well with you and Mrs. Nash.
    Best wishes