Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unexpected Visitor

If you follow this Blog, you already know that we have been part of an active Disciplinary Wives Community for many years. At one time there were quite a few couples we socialized with and of course the wives were very supportive f one another.

One form of that supportiveness was when one of the women, for some reason, was unable to keep up with the necessary discipline activities in her home, another would fill in. The reasons went from working out of town, or living elsewhere temporarily for family reasons, or simply illness.

I can picture it as though it were yesterday; when a naughty hubby was sent to our home to “visit” with my wife. I did my best to keep out of sight so as not to make it more embarrassing for them. But you just know I was insanely curious about what was going on. In case you wonder; I DID NOT secretly invade their privacy and go listen in or anything. Yes, I would be a big liar if I said there was no temptation. But I am happy to say, I did the right thing.

Well, recently my wife became ill. I won’t go into the details. But, it was a tough time for us. Thankfully she is well again. During her recovery she said a few times that even though I was taking good care of her, I was messing up in other ways that deserved spanking. Given her condition, I knew that reckoning for that would be a long way off.

Then a couple of days ago the door bell rang and it was a disciplinary wife we had known a long time ago. I had no idea she had kept up a few of the friendships from the past. I was clueless about that. I was dumbfounded. I could not even compute that it was her or get my head around what she was doing at the door. But, yea I figured it out pretty quickly.

After a sweet greeting and catching up with my wife she told me what she was there for. Like I said, I had figured it out and I meekly complied with her directions to wait for her in the study we use for spanking.
She told me to be waiting across the bed with pillows propped under me, bottom ready, and to not give her any trouble; which I did quickly. I remembered from a long time ago that she was particularly annoyed by being made to wait or not obeying quickly.

She said she was going to make sure it would not be necessary for her to drive all that way again. She said this was going to “take care of things for the foreseeable future” I got pretty nervous.
The spanking was long and not gentle. She switched between implements a few times. So I recall a strap, a few different paddles, the damned cane, and her hairbrush. What a menu! And she got a real workout. I could hear her breathing hard from it. So you can imagine what I was doing. (Hint. It was not pretty).
It was one serious spanking session. She came to take care of business and leave an impression. It was a long session. I don’t know how long. But long. She spoke very sternly to me about why I was getting it and repeatedly expressed anger at having to drive all that way (at which times the swats seemed to get a bit harder.)

I had thought I was on best behavior before she even got there. But oh boy, did I find a way to be a lot better after she was gone so as never have to see her again. I am still black and blue and tender and if I know my body, it won’t be gone very soon.

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