Thursday, April 2, 2015

Smart Women Spank Their Husbands

If you are a man who reads my Blog, I am sure you will agree with everything I am about to say. If you are a part of the minority; women who read it, I hope you appreciate it. (I would love to hear from any of you who would be willing to share your opinions).
Of course the “smart” in the title refers to women with a mate who wants/needs a female-led disciplinary relationship in the first place. (Those are the “men” I refer to in this article. Not every man.

 Here’s why I say that they are “smart”. Women put a lot of time and energy into looking good, being sexy; being appealing (and we men thank them for that). You know what I am talking about. I don’t have to give you a bunch of examples.

What if these women found out that they could absolutely enrapture their man by devoting a minimum of time and not much money at all? Would they say it was “too good to be true?” Probably; it sounds just like the phony, seductive stuff in hair and cosmetics ads.

But it IS true. Smart women in relationships with men like me, know it is a fact. For us guys, a woman with a paddle in her hand, who is focused on you, is as hot as it gets. Am I wrong?  Seriously, tell me if you think I am wrong. Na. Don’t bother I know I am 100% right.
Men think about spanking quite a lot; probably way too much. I know I do. Those smart women understand that.

Here is just one, simple, example of how it works. At breakfast the woman tells the guy that when he gets home from work he’s in for a good spanking. He thinks about it all day. He pictures her with her implements of choice and is very excited to come home. Sure his excitement may include dread. I know it does for me. But when he walks through that door he is NOT going to be too busy to pay plenty of attention to her. She’s going to be all he’s thinking about.

Let’s suppose she has put a little scene together and he gets disciplined good and proper. He ends up with a sore, red bottom; and is probably relieved of a lot of life’s emotional tensions. With maybe 30 minutes of effort, plus whatever she chose to do in preparing things, she gets a very agreeable hubby who is very eager to make her happy.

See how smart she is? By investing thirty minutes; or maybe an hour, she gets greater benefits than all those glamor ads promise. And it tends carry over into the relationship on a pretty permanent basis.
I am not trying to make it sound like woman should be mercenary and self-centered in a relationship. My belief is that Disciplinary Wives take on that role out of love more than anything else. But you can’t deny the pragmatic side of it. The “SMART” side of it.