Friday, July 17, 2015

The Painful Price of Irresponsibility

Several days ago I was “reminded” that my sweet wife will always take whatever measures she feels are necessary to keep our lives in order. From a disciplinary standpoint, things have been mellow around here, no spanking or anything like that for a few months. And it’s been all good. Personally I’m not a guy who “feels deprived” if I am not spanked regularly. Maybe I did when I was younger. But no so much nowadays. Oh sure I think about it from time to time. But not a great deal.
Here’s how the reminder session came about. She gave me a completed registration renewal to mail for one of our cars - with a check for the proper amount. I put it on my desk and it promptly disappeared under a pile of papers. We eventually got a late notice with a penalty amount of like $75 on it.

When I asked for a new check; um let’s say it didn’t go over very well. I got the lecture about not wasting money and how that was irresponsible on my part. I endured the lecture, waiting for it to end, when I heard that I was going to get a nice swat for each of the wasted dollars -75. I thought she was just letting off steam and didn’t say anything about that. As I said, we seemed to have drifted away from regular disciplinary activities and I figured the matter would cool down.

I took the letter directly to the post office to make sure it didn’t get delayed again. When I got home I found out that not only had the matter not “cooled down”, but that she was “worked up” over it. She led me right into the bedroom and told me to get in position for my memory jogging session. I could tell that any argument on my part would result in her immediately upping the number.
Let me tell you, when you have been on “vacation” from spanking for a few months, seventy-five swats from a woman who means business is a real wake-up call. She kept emphasizing that it was irresponsible and that she was not going to have it in her home.

When it was all over I had thanked her for her disciplinary attentions. Then she said that she had become too complacent with me and I should expect to be back over her knee next time I messed up on something. I could tell she was still hot over the whole thing because she added, with great emphasis “Any time I think you have one coming you are going to get it. And I don’t need a reason you agree with, Mister.”

So it looks like the “mellow” days of no spankings are over. What can I say? She knows best and I am ever thankful for that.