Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sometimes I Talk Too Much

I just felt I owed it to you to share what happened after my article a few days ago about asking for a spanking.

When my wife read it something must have clicked for her. She found my discussion about never asking for a spanking, unless the circumstances were dire, “enlightening.” And she kind of liked it that I understood what was going on when she patiently waits for me to come to her and ask for one.

Her interpretation was that the article was another way of me asking. It really wasn’t. She doesn’t even usually read my stuff. I do it for you, my readers. But it’s her viewpoint and that's what mattered.

Of course she knows I have a collection of spanking stuff. She said to show her one of the videos I find particularly alluring. And there I was; embarrassed as hell again. But I did as she told me.

It was one with a guy getting a thorough OTK session, along with some spicy lecturing. She watched it closely and then took me to our bedroom where she promised to do more than that. She was not mad in the least. In fact she was in a great mood.

Once I was over her knee she got right to it; no “warming up” or anything like that. The swats came fast and hard. I could tell she was intentionally snapping her wrist on many of them too.

I was brave and stayed in place without making a sound. If you believe that you don’t know me. I was wriggling and yowling and she must have loved it. Because it was one of the longer sessions I have had in a while and she had plenty of vigor.

As I said, she was not angry in the first place. So when she was through we went on with our day. We went for a walk and every so often she would catch my eye and smile and I had to smile back – no one knew our little secret. My pants would shift, as pants normally do, with each step I took. And every one of them reminded me how lucky I am to be so well loved and well spanked.


  1. Interesting that she saw the blog entry as another way of asking for a spanking. I guess that will teach you to self-censor!

  2. Just curious as to which "vid' that is the inspiration for that last spanking..??

    Thanks in advance..

  3. It was one from the Mom's Knee collection.