Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Professional Disciplinarian Troubles

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. It used to be a woman in high heels walking up some steps holding a Holy Terror; a DWC paddle. Well the woman in the picture contacted me and advised me I was using the picture without her permission.

She was extremely nice about it and even invited me to continue using it if I just credited her as the creator of the image. To my embarrassment, I am so lame when it comes to technology that I could not figure out how to do so on my Blog.

So I changed the image on my Blog to one from the DWC; which Aunt Kay did give me permission to use. But I still don’t know how to attribute the image properly. Oh well.

During my discussions with the professional disciplinarian, Miss Chris, I went to her website. I thought it was quite impressive. What I did want to point out to a few of you; mainly single guys with plenty of extra money, is that she offers the service of coming directly to you.

That’s right. You can make arrangements for her to personally visit you. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what that might entail. You can look it up on her website. 

Just to be clear. I do not know Miss Chris and the account you just read was my only contact with her.
Even though I don’t know her, and will never meet her, I was a bit nervous dealing with her. I guess it was those Disciplinarian vibes.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Spanking is the Essential Oil

“Oil”?”  You have to be wondering what I am talking about. Well, it’s simple.
Just for the fun of it, think of a relationship as a machine. It’s not a tangible machine; like a tractor, or a printing press. But it has infinitely more moving parts; since those “parts” are neurons instead of actual metal pieces.

Anyway, a machine; like your car, will break apart without oil the ease the friction. All you need is a little bit of oil and the whole machine can run smoothly. For you and me (since you are reading my Blog) spankings are the oil.

I asked myself how much of this “spanking oil” does it take to keep a relationship smooth. You are going to be amazed. I was.  The spanking element is a big part of our relationship. It exists as a background presence at all times. But actual percentages of life look like this:

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, every day, then you would be spending .04% time with actual spanking.

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, once every week, then you would be spending .00 6% time with actual spanking

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, once every month, then you would be spending .0014% time with actual spanking

You can check my math. It’s probably wrong. But the point is that our relationships are much more than 99.5% everything else.

However, what matters is that the less than .5% is the crucial oil and things can go wrong without it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Who Makes Up the Global Spanking Community?

Who Makes Up the WW Spanking Community?

I probably do less Internet surfing than most of you. Oh I do get on there and look around if the mood strikes me; absolutely. But it’s just not very often.

One of my favorites is the Disciplinary Wives Club; even though it doesn’t seem to get updated very much. The other day I clicked on a Survey they have there that I have been ignoring for years.

I was amazed to find a truly scholarly work. It is comprehensive and in-depth and it answered so many things I have been curious about. Like much of the site, it was done years ago. But there were a large number of participants. So I slogged through it.

Among the literally thousands of data points on it here are my personal top-level takeaways.
The majority of the respondents were:
·        Married
·        White
·        Educated (from "some college" to "post-graduate")
·        Baby Boomers
·        The U.S. and the U.K. were by far most highly represented

I have to wonder if that represents the global Spanking community or just the audience that responded to the DWC.

Well, I hope you find this Post worth your time.

If any of you review their Survey I would be interested to know what you found most interesting; relevant for your life. Leave me something in the Comments section.

Here is a link to the site with the Survey....

Another interesting source for data about F/m spanking is the Disciplined Hubbies Blog  They run little surveys quite frequently and you can pick up interesting objective data there too.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Real-Time Experiment

The Experiment

This is an experiment. Thought I would invite you into my life on a real-time, as-it-is-happening, basis. It is early morning as I write this and the house is silent. But I’ll tell you that my mind is working overtime as  I am anticipating a disciplinary session later today.

She told me last night that I am in for it big time today and I know she is serious. Back in October of 2014 I did something that was basically “out of character” for me (Posted about it on this Blog). I didn’t specify what it was then and I will demure this time as well.  I will say that in the grand scheme of things it’s really small potatoes. I mean you might shake your finger at me. But you would probably shrug it off as “ho hum”.

But, the standards for ethical behavior around here are quite high – and I subscribe to them enthusiastically by the way. They are values we share. Well, I foolishly gave in to a moment of temptation and did that thing again. Suffice it to say that doing something again after having been disciplined for it once before does not go down well with her.

 I get anxious anytime I know I’m going to get a spanking. But in situations like this it is deeply unnerving for me. I really can’t get any kind of work done because it is all I can think of. I guess that’s why I am doing the “experiment.”  I'll stop writing now and will come back to you afterwards.
Oh I forgot to mention that she is going away on a trip tomorrow and has decided that she wants to see if what she does leaves marks that last until she returns. How fun (thought to myself sarcastically)…………. See you later.

It’s the next day It's almost time to leave for the airport. She's been so busy with things she had to do before traveling that the discipline got pushed aside. But, she has not forgotten. She said there would be ample time before I take her to the airport.  So here I am; a bit emotionally exhausted from it…… I said before….See you later.

Still the next day - I’m back from the airport   She did indeed find “ample time” for the discipline before she left. It got quite close to the time we had set for leaving and I actually thought I was safe for the time being. Then she looked at the clock and said “I had better take care of your spanking now before it’s too late.”

We had  less than ten minutes before we absolutely had to leave. So for some reason I felt pretty good about my situation. I really did think she would be preoccupied with her trip that it would be a perfunctory session.  If I had thought about it rationally I would not have. I know darn well what she has accomplished before in five minutes when she’s determined.

Anyway she was in a “quick and efficient” frame of mind. The spanking was a “task” on her pre-departure list of things to complete before she left town. It was all business. She wasn’t angry or lecturing to make the point clear like she usually does. It was just “Come on. Hurry up. Pants off and over my knee.”

I moved with the speed she expected and she got right to it. The first few whacks with the Holy Terror told me what was coming. They were fast and stung like hell. I was fully repentant way before she was fully done. I’ll bet it was less than five minutes. I got up and started for my clothes. But no!
She said my behavior showed that I was slipping and that I needed something “in advance” in case I got any wrong ideas while she was gone. That was standing up with the strap. She used a braided belt that she is very fond of.

We departed for the airport on time. We said our fond farewells at the curb at Departure.  I miss her already. And I am VERY uncomfortable sitting as I write this last part of “The Experiment”.

By the way, I looked in the mirror when I got home from the airport. I am pretty sure that she will find enough residual “art work” on my butt to satisfy her goal.

(Two days later)
I hope you found the little “experiment” interesting. After re-reading it, I realized I would not be happy if I didn’t mention that spanking is only one small component of our life together. We are best friends in every sense of the word and I miss her company a great deal.

Hey, if you have a few seconds, I would love to hear if you enjoyed the “experiment.”