Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Professional Disciplinarian Troubles

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. It used to be a woman in high heels walking up some steps holding a Holy Terror; a DWC paddle. Well the woman in the picture contacted me and advised me I was using the picture without her permission.

She was extremely nice about it and even invited me to continue using it if I just credited her as the creator of the image. To my embarrassment, I am so lame when it comes to technology that I could not figure out how to do so on my Blog.

So I changed the image on my Blog to one from the DWC; which Aunt Kay did give me permission to use. But I still don’t know how to attribute the image properly. Oh well.

During my discussions with the professional disciplinarian, Miss Chris, I went to her website. I thought it was quite impressive. What I did want to point out to a few of you; mainly single guys with plenty of extra money, is that she offers the service of coming directly to you.

That’s right. You can make arrangements for her to personally visit you. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what that might entail. You can look it up on her website. 

Just to be clear. I do not know Miss Chris and the account you just read was my only contact with her.
Even though I don’t know her, and will never meet her, I was a bit nervous dealing with her. I guess it was those Disciplinarian vibes.

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