Friday, October 23, 2015

Spanking is the Essential Oil

“Oil”?”  You have to be wondering what I am talking about. Well, it’s simple.
Just for the fun of it, think of a relationship as a machine. It’s not a tangible machine; like a tractor, or a printing press. But it has infinitely more moving parts; since those “parts” are neurons instead of actual metal pieces.

Anyway, a machine; like your car, will break apart without oil the ease the friction. All you need is a little bit of oil and the whole machine can run smoothly. For you and me (since you are reading my Blog) spankings are the oil.

I asked myself how much of this “spanking oil” does it take to keep a relationship smooth. You are going to be amazed. I was.  The spanking element is a big part of our relationship. It exists as a background presence at all times. But actual percentages of life look like this:

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, every day, then you would be spending .04% time with actual spanking.

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, once every week, then you would be spending .00 6% time with actual spanking

  • ·         If you got spanked for a full hour, once every month, then you would be spending .0014% time with actual spanking

You can check my math. It’s probably wrong. But the point is that our relationships are much more than 99.5% everything else.

However, what matters is that the less than .5% is the crucial oil and things can go wrong without it.


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  2. Take the (.) out and you'll be right: for example, .5% should read 5%.

    1. Thanks, Bobcat,

      And considering my over-the-top use of a "full hour" spanking time, when in fact 15 minutes is a sufficient "journey in hell", the real number of actual spank time is probably less than .05%

  3. Tomy,
    I need an oil change!

    1. Yes I am sure you do, Matee.

      Hope you can get to the oil change place soon.

  4. fun to consider how much time we also spend blogging, and reading other blogs and tumblrs, all related to spanking.
    bottoms up

  5. Yes. And then there's just "thinking about it"

  6. Spanking does make a delightful relationship "oil" doesn't it? Of course, "thinking about it" and all that background presence makes for a lot of high octane fuel!

  7. "High Octane". Love it!

    No fuel shortage around here. Ha