Monday, October 12, 2015

Who Makes Up the Global Spanking Community?

Who Makes Up the WW Spanking Community?

I probably do less Internet surfing than most of you. Oh I do get on there and look around if the mood strikes me; absolutely. But it’s just not very often.

One of my favorites is the Disciplinary Wives Club; even though it doesn’t seem to get updated very much. The other day I clicked on a Survey they have there that I have been ignoring for years.

I was amazed to find a truly scholarly work. It is comprehensive and in-depth and it answered so many things I have been curious about. Like much of the site, it was done years ago. But there were a large number of participants. So I slogged through it.

Among the literally thousands of data points on it here are my personal top-level takeaways.
The majority of the respondents were:
·        Married
·        White
·        Educated (from "some college" to "post-graduate")
·        Baby Boomers
·        The U.S. and the U.K. were by far most highly represented

I have to wonder if that represents the global Spanking community or just the audience that responded to the DWC.

Well, I hope you find this Post worth your time.

If any of you review their Survey I would be interested to know what you found most interesting; relevant for your life. Leave me something in the Comments section.

Here is a link to the site with the Survey....

Another interesting source for data about F/m spanking is the Disciplined Hubbies Blog  They run little surveys quite frequently and you can pick up interesting objective data there too.


  1. I appreciate your highlighting the survey on Aunt Kay's site. It was a gigantic effort when we did it.

    I enjoy your blog. And I recognize a couple of the stories. Wink!

    1. Yes. I am sure you did Jerry.

      Long time since I have seen you.