Monday, January 4, 2016

Science Fiction Spanking

I have been a fan of Science Fiction for most of my life; which means for a pretty long time. One of my favorite authors early on was Robert Heinlein. In case you don’t know about him; he is considered one of the most important writers in the genre. He wrote 32 novels and several have been made into movies.

Why am I rambling about Heinlein on this blog? Well, I’ll tell you. I just reread “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls” and I realized he made a lot of references to spanking. In fact, at one point the Hero asks a young lady who apparently gets spanked if she disobeys, whether she gets it on her bare bottom and then he imagines how it turns a nice shade of pink.

So I figured, “Wow. Look what I discovered. Robert Heinlein was secretly into spanking and I never knew. So, on a lark I went to the Internet and took a quick look. What I found was that someone had done a seriously in-depth analysis of all his work looking for spanking references. He titled it “Spanker in a Strange Land”, which was a play on the title of one of his more famous novels, “Stranger in a Strange Land”.  It was just amazing to me.

So here is the link in case anyone is interested. And by the way, you have to download it to get the numerous pages that specify the details of the spanking references.

I hope someone out there finds this interesting and that you are not disappointed that this blog entry is kind of wonkish.

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