Monday, February 29, 2016

Paddle-Powered Productivity

Impending Trip to the Woodshed
Today I am using my little Blog like it was a personal DWC friend; another Hubby who would completely understand everything I talk about. I am doing it because I am nervous; for a good reason.
I work at home and I have not been achieving as much as I need to. So we talked things over extensively and beginning last week my wife began closely monitoring how I spend my work time. My responsibility is to keep a detailed and accurate time report that shows how much time I spend on the priorities we established together.

We were only a couple of days into it when she asked me to add a section to the report where I write down any issues she wants to address later. So during the week when something displeased her she simply told me to make a note; which of course I did. (This is pretty significant for me since she has sometimes forgotten “little things” in the past which saved my butt).

Well, today I submit my first accounting to her and it is obvious that my childhood habits of “skipping homework” have come back to haunt me. I did get some stuff done. But not nearly enough to even try to make a case for leniency.

I asked her yesterday if we could take a little trip today for sightseeing. Her answer was that the only trips on my itinerary were going to be to the woodshed and over her knee. (When we set up the reporting arrangement it included that she could check in on my daily results any time; so she knew already).
There is a chair she had me put in the woodshed when we set this whole thing up. And she stashed a few implements there as well. But I know she will have me standing up for a taste of the cane and it’s scaring the hell out of me. Well, PART 2 will be what actually happens………

It was not exactly what I had expected. She did employ a bath brush and a cane. But it was not the thrashing I had been so nervous about. What she did was go over all of the work assignments line by line and give me advice about how to do a better job for next week. She had excellent suggestions for time management too.

I had a day and a half of unplanned travel that week as well; and I so appreciated that she took it into account even though I did not bring it up as an excuse.

So while the day went better than I had imagined, I know her and she is giving me every opportunity to get it right; or really wrong after specific counseling. She did tell me that repeat failures, especially if they did not follow her advice, would result in “doubling of the punishment”.  I have been there with her before and “doubling” is a bad scene. I know she will say the same thing again and then we would be talking about doubling the doubling if I don’t figure out how to get it all done right.

Oh, and by the way. My spanking was done outdoors, on the front porch of our house. That was the first time ever for that. And even though we do have a great deal of privacy, it was still unnerving for me.


  1. Hi Tomy: This appears to be a very effective way to accomplish tasks, so that stress is relieved, after the tasks needed are completed. Best to be a little worried about a spanking, than worrying about and procrastinating abut tasks.
    bottoms up

  2. I have never worked from home. However last year I lost my job and the next day I was on a mission which culminated in my getting a new job, actually a better job, within 10 weeks. I was at home with my laptop and my faithful dog. I worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week on this. Anyway, I did get a taste of working in a solitary existence at home. And my wife kept the paddle handy and used it, mainly to keep me on track, which I appreciated. But it was easy to be distracted away from the job at hand. You are very fortunate to have your wife as the overseer of your working at home, having a cane or paddle at hand and to apply either when sorely needed. Good luck.

  3. I heard from a man who inadvertently got enormous benefits from his wife "managing" his working from home. They were in business together - financial planing or something like that.
    It was a second marriage and she had a teenage son. She was a genuine "no nonsense" woman and it was not unusual that she would take the boy into the next room for a spanking. The guy gave an example of how a bad report card led to her setting everything aside and taking care of it on the spot.
    He used to hear all of it and discovered he wished to experience it. She agreed, but said it could not be an "experiment". If she started it, it would have to become their lifestyle, period.
    A real spanking shocked him. But it was too late. He was committed. The good news is that she quickly applied it to his work habits and their income tripled...TRIPLED!!
    So their "lifestyle" had a marked improvement.