Friday, February 5, 2016

Sent to Another Wife for Discipline

Recently I have been enjoying reading, and participating in, several F/m blogs. Every once in a while, when I share my experiences and ideas on them, I realize I have some deeper thoughts on a topic and make a note to go into it more fully to my own blog. That’s how I became motivated to discuss what it was like being sent by my wife to another woman for discipline. It has been years since that happened. But my recollections about it are vivid. That and watching as another hubby arrived at our home for the same thing. All told, this occurred maybe 6 or 8 times (me being sent somewhere). Far more often was a man arriving at our place.

I would be negligent if I did not admit right up front that there was a certain “thrill” to the situation. It was kind of like waiting to get on a crazy roller coaster that will terrify you. But at the same time eager for the ride.

The first question is probably “what would cause my wife to initiate that?” usually it was for practical reasons; having to do with her health. But a couple of times she did it just to play with my head. Either way, there was a lot of anxiety and genuine efforts on my part to get her to reverse her decision; which never worked once.

A couple of times I had to hand deliver a sealed envelope upon arrival. That little step was enough to put me right in the frame of mind as standing in the principal’s office in grade school. She always talked with the woman in advance; several times. But the written letter was still nerve wracking.

I can say unequivocally that on every occasion the woman I was sent to took their role seriously. Some were sweet and friendly when I arrived and others were already very stern. But once the discipline time came they brought their “A” game. I suspect that some of them were a little surprised by my, let’s call it lower pain threshold. But they seemed to take it as more of a challenge than a cause for sympathy.

I would hear things like “I think you have been getting away with too much. But not with me Mister.” Or “If you complain once more I am going to get  mad and you will be very sorry.” And more like that. My wails and tears made no difference. (A couple of them told me outright that they always thought I could be a bit of a brat and were more than happy to have me under their authority).

I knew pretty much what the guys were getting in the other room when I was at home and someone came over.  So it was interesting for me to experience exactly what a stern disciplinary session in their home was like.

Anyway, those were the days when we had an amazing Community.  Only once did my wife make arrangements with a professional. The rest were good friends. The incidents I just mentioned served to build really strong bonds between all of us and if you feel that might fit into your lifestyle; I heartily recommend it.


  1. This must have been very embarrassing for you. To have to bare your bottom and lay over a different lady's lap.

  2. We had a real DWC community at that time and did things socially with other couples. The other wives thought I got away with too much and had said so right to my face.

    When I had to go to their home and knock on the door with a sealed letter in my hand, embarrassment was not the issue. It was more like being pretty darn scared.
    And for good reason - I think it was like a competition between the women or something. Every "visit" left me black and blue for a couple of weeks.

  3. Wow! What happened to this DWC Community? For me, this would be the ultimate and I can totally understand how dealing with eachothers husbands would bring out the wives' competitive streaks!

    1. After a few years, what I would call personality issues broke it up.

      We still have some friends from there. Geography has become an issue though

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    1. Sorry, Tomy, for some reason, my comments are getting added more than once - this time in triplicate!