Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl 50 - Halftime Spanking

I rarely post a new entry just a few days after the last one. But for the sake of timeliness here's this short anecdote.

My Super Bowl "Party" was basically watching at home by myself. My wife does get into the spirit of it and there was enough good food and all the beer I cared to have. I  admit, I would rather have been with with a group of people. But I was basically satisfied and enjoying the game - well as much as one could enjoy a mostly defensive game.

At halftime, my wife announced a special event. We were going to have an official halftime spanking worthy of the big extravaganza. She had me bring one of her implement boxes and one of her cane collections into the living room. She then invited me to choose three implements (which is not as simple as it may sound - but that's a whole other story.)

With Super Bowl halftime stuff playing in the background she put on her own,  memorable, halftime show. OTK with the bath-brush and a riding crop, a strapping bent over a chair, her whippy cane; also over the chair, and then more OTK with an ivory-backed hairbrush.

She was as thorough as if it were a disciplinary session. But it was done for "entertainment".  It felt exactly like a disciplinary session to my bottom. But at the same time, even though it was the real deal, it was a different kind of experience. And she was not angry in the least.

For all that spanking I just described, it did not take very long for her to do what she wanted to. And when it was over we were both in a great mood. She even sat down and watched the game with me for about fifteen minutes; then she got too bored and did something else.

I guarantee you I will never forget Super Bowl 50!

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