Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spanking Cartoons

If you read my Blog I am pretty sure you are fan of F/m spanking and are someone who enjoys visiting a variety of spanking sites. I know that I regularly visit several. I join in the conversations; respond to their polls, etc.  By participating I not only share my ideas and experiences, I also get new ones. And the new ideas come both from what others have to say and from what gets stimulated in my own brain during the act of participating. (I have also made some online friends with whom I can have incredibly personal discussions.)

Two things in particular came up recently. The first, and most significant one, was when someone brought up the topic of a DWC-type spanking Bootcamp. I must admit I don’t recall all the details now. But I do remember that for some people it had to do with actually attending a formal Bootcamp event and for others it was more like setting up something privately at home.

I was motivated to have a heart to heart talk with my wife about our DWC lifestyle and in the process we made some decisions to kind of refresh things. We have not had a really substantial discussion about that aspect of our relationship in quite a while and it felt really good to do so.The outcome was the formal weekly review of my work (since I work at home). And it has been very beneficial. Well, my work has very definitely improved and if you count more and harder spankings as a benefit, then there is that too.

The second was more of an intellectual concept. On one of those other sites a man reported leaving an F/m spanking cartoon for his wife to find in their Implements Drawer and how that resulted in a red hot spanking for him. I commented that I really liked many of the cartoons and especially when they had great captions. That led me realize  that great cartoonists have a way of distilling the essence of a situation into a picture that connects to people directly; bypassing the analysis needed for words. 

I also realized that indeed some spanking cartoons seem to resonate more directly with me than an actual photo. I had always sort of wondered why that was and after my little conversation on that blog I learned something interesting about myself. So now I understand why certain cartoons are so appealing to me.

Well, I am going to use that insight as a jumping point to invite you to leave a comment , let me know if you get anything useful from here, maybe just say “Hi”; or not........