Monday, April 18, 2016

VHS Spanking Videos

This entry is different than any of my previous ones. Rather than a story or an essay, it's an offer.

A friend of mine is involved in some serious house cleaning and is discarding a massive trove of old VHS videos. Most of them are spanking videos made by professional studios (not copies of same). A few, he said, might be a bit more S&M or something like that. He didn't go into much detail. (None are anyone's private videos).

Anyway, if you want this collection, it's free to the first person I hear from. I'll bet there are some highly collectible titles (assuming such things are "collectible"). If you want it, you would have to pay for shipping and that's probably around $100 - $150.

Neither he nor I are aiming to make a penny on this. We would rather see this collection go to a good home instead of the dump. But we are not going to pay to give it away either.

I am offering this only on my Blog as a thank you to everyone who takes the time to check out my work.

To reply to this offer contact me at   First to contact me has first priority and so forth.

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