Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Reviews

I shared this piece in another Blog. But I wanted to make sure my own Peeps here can enjoy it.


We hold a weekly Review Meeting and she goes over the list of the things I committed to the week before. Most of them are about work productivity since I work at home. But she puts in anything else behavioral she wants to see improved. She strives to be fair and collaborative during each weekly planning session We talk about each item and she guides me if I am over-committing to something. She wants to see me succeed at all of it. So she really helps me think things through.

I take my work seriously; most of the time. But truth be told, I am never going to fully outgrow my self-indulgent teenage self. She never nags me about things during the week. Occasionally she tries to give me a little hint though. "Do you think you have enough time left in the week to finish X?"

So when Review Day comes and I am sitting in her office as she professionally goes over the list and discusses it with me, I may be nervous. But I don't argue about any of it. It's all been understood and agreed beforehand. If she decides that I simply procrastinated or for any other reason didn't make enough effort; well then it's almost always the cane and barber strop. Really not fun.

Other times she shocks me by saying I did well, even though not everything on the list got done. She evaluates all the factors very intelligently.

There is spanking about 7 out of 10 times. Believe it or not, I never do things on purpose to get discipline. It finds it's way into my life enough that I don't have to help the process along. She loves that brash teenager part of me and is completely giving him discipline.