Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Saved from a Hard Spanking

Saved at the Last Minute

Truth be told, I have been a bit on the short-tempered side lately. I am a really mild temperament kind of guy. So “short tempered” doesn’t imply anything like shouting or being really aggressive. It just means saying some things in ways that would have been better left unsaid.

Well, as you would expect, after a few incidents like that she got irritated and mentioned it. I heard her loud and clear. But the little devil inside was riled up; about life in general I guess.
So we were driving along a lovely country road when she determinedly announced it had been too long and I could expect a “good hard” spanking later that evening. She very rarely, almost never actually, adds adjectives like “good hard spanking”. So after a few ineffective protests I shut up because she said she would definitely add to it if I kept making a fuss.

We got home and went about our business; doing normal house things. I was working in my office and she was off in another room sorting through stuff. And no, I didn’t forget for a minute that I had a session coming later – whenever she felt good and ready.

As it got into evening I was on edge. She doesn’t often forget and time was running out. Then she came into my office and announced that she was giving me a kind of pardon on the spanking. I was dumbfounded. Happy, but dumbfounded. I asked why.

The answer was that while she was sorting that stuff she came across some, let’s call it memorabilia, and she re-lived a time when I had shown total selfless dedication to her under tough circumstances. She said it softened her heart so much she could not punish me.
Well, right about then I got pretty mushy feeling too. So that was one evening with her paddle, or whatever she happened to be in the mood for, that didn’t have to happen. Now if I can just reel in that irritable little monster that I suspect is still lurking below the surface in me, all will stay good.


  1. That's great. And good luck with improving the mood and the behavior

  2. My weakness is definitely my mood and irritability, so I can relate. Good luck.