Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The AVON hairbrush

This is a truly unique hairbrush.  It's an old Avon - heavy plastic.

This little femme beauty aid is dreadful when applied for uses other than brushing  hair.


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  2. I can see how that embossed pattern might give a "distinctive" feel! Where did you get it, may I ask?

    1. She has had it forever. But since I appreciate your taking the time to you go.

  3. Thanks, Tomy, I'll look for one in the UK. My wife has one with Betty Boop embossed on it which she used on me once. I think she was hoping to "transfer" the outline of Betty, but unfortunately it didn't happen and she went back to her (quieter) trusty cane. Sorry my comment came up duplicated, I'm not sure what's caused that.

  4. I still recall a canning from a lovely English woman when a couple visited us form the U.K. many years ago.

    It certainly left a lasting impression.

  5. I'll bet that leaves a nice impression.