Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cane Confusion

Cane Confusion

Any regular readers of this blog; if I can use the word “regular” with a straight face, since I don’t write regularly, know that my wife is fond of using the cane for spanking. I, on the other side of the equation, am not a big fan of that implement. And again referring to previous entries, I have explained that she seems to enjoy positioning me OUTSIDE on the porch to take care of business. Personally I think it is very rude. (As if anyone cares what I think when it’s spanking time).

A few months ago my wife had an accident and has needed to use one of those walking canes while she rehabilitates. During this time she has obviously been less mobile than normal and I am more than happy to do anything and everything that can make it easier for her manage.

One of her common requests is to please bring her a cane if it happens to be out of reach. After all these years together as a DWC couple, I still jump out of my skin when she asks for her cane. It’s kind of funny actually.

I had really thought that given her minimal mobility I would get a hiatus from her disciplinary regime. That turned out not to be the case. She explained that she had done too much work on me already to let things slip. So now I have to do even more to make it extremely convenient for her to exercise her prerogatives. That means clamping down on my own resistance and doing the best I can to make sure she doesn’t have to work at restraining me. So more than ever I am striving to avoid my instinctive escape moves. (I wish I were better at it. But I am better than I was).

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