Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Disciplinary Wives SMART system

The DWC SMART System
·      Strict
·      Maternal
·      Assertive
·      Reliable
·      Thorough

Strict – Firm, high standards for his behavior
Maternal - The DWC lifestyle is based on Love
Assertive - Confident, proactive, trust your intuition
Reliable - Consistent, dependable, unshakable
Thorough – Punishment complete and effective


  1. That is a very concise and complete menu for a successful relationship. Love forms the foundation of it all, and is the indispensable ingredient in the recipe. The strictness and the thoroughness that men in this forum seek from their wives makes this not only a Smart system, but a Smarten Up system as well.

  2. good explanation of a SMART relationship
    bottoms up