Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Spanking from Aunt Kay

A Spanking from Aunt Kay

Since we moved into our new home, WAY out in the country, things have been super-mellow. We are surrounded by several acres of our own land so the privacy is marvelous. We do have a woodshed. It is a modern, Tuff Shed. If you are not familiar with them, they are soundly built, waterproof, and in our case it has a loft,  two windows, and two big barn-type doors as the entrance. It will eventually be equipped with a few of wife’s favorite implements and a straight back chair. But the truth is we don’t need to go out to a shed for punishments; we have the whole house to ourselves.

Anyway, you didn’t come here to find out about my new lodgings. You came to hear about Aunt Kay. Well, in a nutshell, I made a big mistake this weekend and it was over an issue that is a real Hot Button for my wife. Without going into the details, I’ll just say it has been one of the bigger sources of conflict between us over the years. She got so upset that she informed me that Aunt Kay was going to be involved this time. In fact she said that I would be seeing Aunt Kay later that afternoon.

Our DWC life has been ongoing and I have received some pretty memorable no-nonsense spankings. But it has been quite a while since Aunt Kay has made a formal appearance.  I was, to put it mildly, very nervous and NOT looking forward to what was coming. So while any impending discipline session makes me nervous. Anticipating this one was much more so.

When I was finally called into the bedroom Aunt Kay had obviously been invoked. I can’t really explain it. But when she shifts into that demeanor, the unfiltered no-nonsense Aunt Kay, everything feels different. I find it extremely intimidating.

My “everyday wife” is no wimp about tanning the daylights out of me when necessary; plenty of barely endurable spankings.  But Aunt Kay seems to leave any of my wife’s “generosity and compassion” outside the door.

I don’t know how long that session lasted. We were in there for more than an hour. There was a lot of lecturing that made me feel really small (deservedly so), between periods of spanking. I got it OTK, bent over the chair with a cane, lying on the bed with a strap and each of those positions was repeated  more than once.

When it was FINALLY over, I thanked her for the discipline and told her I hoped to not see her again. Of course she laughed at that. I always maintain my humor no matter how bad things get.

Just to be perfectly clear for anyone who might find this confusing. Yes, I am married to the real-life Aunt Kay.  I wonder how many of you followed the  breadcrumbs I left on my blog over the years and figured out that Aunt Kay is my wife.  I’m retired and we are not exactly youngsters any more. But we do still enjoy meeting new people and plan to have the occasional DWC couple over for a weekend visit.

For me this blog has been a special space where I could share things and make a few friends separately from my connection with Aunt Kay.  Everything I put in is real stuff. I just omitted enough details to maintain my anonymity. I hope you don’t mind.

Hmm. That sounded like a farewell. And maybe it is. I have not really thought of where it goes from here. But if this does become the end of the road for this blog; let me say it’s been a pleasure.