Friday, October 27, 2017

A "Spanking You Will Never Forget."

A “Spanking You Will Never Forget”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are going to get a spanking you will never forget”? I know I have. For some reason it was a popular part of what parents used to say when I was growing up. When I think back and ask myself which spankings that I received as an adult really do fall into the category of “unforgettable” a handful come up. This little essay is about one in particular and I think you will enjoy reading about it.

During the early years when Aunt Kay and I got together our “social spanking life” was amazing. By that I mean we had quite a few spanking-oriented friends and did things with other couples; which often, like almost always, involved the men getting spanked.

It was during one of those little get-togethers that I experienced a hand spanking that I will truly “never forget”. Up until that day, I must admit that I thought of a spanking without an implement as more or less trivial. For the most part, I still do feel that way. But now I know that one can’t be sure of that.
We spent a lot of time in San Diego in those days and we used to go watch some women and men playing Beach Volleyball at a little place called Moonlight Beach. The women played in tiny bikinis and were athletically ripped; six-pack abs and all that.

Well, as it happened, we met a new F/m couple for dinner and it turned out the woman was one of those volleyball players. After dinner we went back to their place and of course spanking was on the agenda. Usually, for disciplinary spankings with others Aunt Kay preferred to take the hubby into one room for a session and for me to go with the wife into different one.

But this time it was all together in the living room. Well, when Gayle beckoned me over her knee and there were no implements in sight, I expected a not-very-severe experience. I completely missed two things. One was that Gayle’s highly competitive nature caused her to put everything into the session since she was doing it right in front of Aunt Kay. The other was that her hands were calloused from the volleyball.

If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn she was using a stout paddle. I also vividly recall that she had me so thoroughly restrained over her knee that I really felt helpless and fully under her control. No “cooperative role play” she owned my butt.

I was black and blue for a long time after that; more so than almost any other spankings I had ever received. Well, except for the time Aunt Kay and I visited a dungeon in Toronto during a holiday. It was actually closed. But the one person there was very generous. She let us have the run of the place and said have a good time. So of course Aunt Kay had to try out everything. That was the only time I can recall being more black and blue than from Gayle.

So that hand spanking was one I’ll never forget.

By the way, I have a birthday spanking on the calendar coming VERY soon.


  1. Cool story. I can't I have EVER had a handspanking that did anything but hurt the spanker.

    I remember one play-friend MANY years ago who wanted to take me over her knee for an old-fashioned hand-spanking. She tried everything to get a reaction from me until she just gave up with her hand smarting and took up a bathbrush. BOY DID THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    1. Yes, the damned bath brush. Those things have so much leverage.... That's why I keep a good supply of those those natural long loofahs in the shower. The long-handled wooden brushes always make me nervous. Shhhhhhh.

  2. It's probably odd now that I think about it, but in all the years that we have been doing this, I don't think she has *ever* given me a hand spanking. Unless I am forgetting an incident early, and I'm pretty sure I am not, I have never had one as an adult.

  3. Hand spankings have no effect on me, either. I laugh or yawn. Merry has never bothered trying. She knew I have high tolerance from our first date, a play date at a dungeon.
    MY birthday is in two weeks.

  4. And, I am jealous. Years, we've been in the second largest metro area of the country, and we have yet to meet another F/m couple with whom to party.

    1. You know, if you really put some focused intention to that; and move out of your comfort zone - like going to events you would normally avoid, and making invitations - you might be surprised.

      And yes, I recognize that with Aunt Kay being so well known, we had it pretty easy as far as meeting people. GOOD LUCK.

  5. Merry and I attend many munches found on FetLife, and one monthly party or another, so we aren't recluses. Just haven't met those with our particular bent.
    But, considering how long I wanted a female Top before I finally met Merry, I should not complain.

    1. We to have gone to a few FetLife events. I know what you mean. Our particular "bent" is kind of specific.

  6. Hand spankings no longer work for us, as Cindy hurt her fingers once, and her hand was always sorer than my bottom. Now, her hands are fine, and my bottom is bright red form all the implements Cindy has at her disposal.
    bottoms up