Sunday, January 7, 2018

No More Spankings?

When we talked about what the New Year might hold for us, I broached the subject that maybe it was time to "move on past the spanking thing". I was serious about it. I really believe one needs to be open to change and it felt right.

Besides, without going into private details, Aunt Kay has an injury that definitely inhibits a lot of things. Plus we really don't seem to have the DWC friends within a viable geographic distance that we used to. I suppose I would not have even have thought to make such a suggestion if our DWC friends were around. (Something about knowing it's possible I might be sent to an Auntie or have a visit from one of them).

Anyway, my suggestion about putting the disciplinary aspect on the shelf was a very short conversation. It lasted about a minute and consisted of “No” and “Never”. So I’m going to consider that as a good thing. At this point in life I realize that she knows best.

Happy New Year to all of you who make my life richer by spending a few minutes with me once in a while.


  1. Interesting. I've wondered whether we will hit a point of being "post-DD." It's certainly possible, though I think the longer we do it, the more it become a tool for her, as opposed to some need of mine she is accommodating. So, she very well might react like your wife.

  2. I have rarely been taken aback by a blog post......but your opening lines shocked me. I am somewhat glad you got the "no" and sincerely wish that the "no" was maybe what you wanted to hear despite your suggestion.

    Anyway, despite personal lulls, setbacks, and mood swings, I can't imagine never doing DD with Rosa. It is just too much of who we are. It seems like that is probably true for you and your wife as well. I hope she recovers from her injury and the two of you have a great 2018!

  3. Your question was quite a surprise but the answer was not. Hope your wife gets well soon.

  4. Sorry to hear that aunt Kay is not well, but our best wishes to her to be healthy again very soon. Glad to know she stated your spankings will continue as needed, even if at a much reduced regularity. Who knows when DWC friends will drop by, and be willing to give a hand or cane when needed. Happy new Year
    bottoms up