Saturday, January 20, 2018

Session at the School House

I just came from an unexpected follow-up to a conversation about “no more spanking” I had with Aunt Kay. I described it in my previous post. But in a nutshell; just in case you haven’t read the earlier one I’ll sum it up.  After more than twenty-five years in a DWC marriage I figured I had more or less out grown that kind of stuff and I thought we should move on from it. She didn’t even discuss it. She just said “NO!”

Things are great between us. And truth be told, I have been especially well behaved and dedicated to taking care of her. This afternoon she suggested that we would be having some fun later and from her innuendos I understood it would involve spanking. But I wasn’t really worried.

Well, it was fun for the most part. But now that the “fun” is over I am looking back and appreciating her “devious mind” and how lucky I am to have her. She surprised me by doing a role play. The last time we did role play was with another couple - well a long time ago. Today's role play began when I got a note that I was to report to the school Principal.(She was fabulously in her role, by the way.)

During the lecture she articulated why I was going to get punished. She explained to her dim-witted bad boy that sometimes you have to do things you don’t like because it’s part of keeping healthy. She pointed out that I go to the dentist, even though I know it will hurt, because it’s part of a healthy life routine. There was more to the lecture. But that was the part that is relevant to this post.

Once I was bent over an artistically designed pillow and blanket pile on the bed, the spanking began. The principal doesn’t have a great deal of time to waste. So she uses a razor Strop. Aunt Kay had to work creatively around certain limitations. But for sure my butt would never have known it. The Principal must have been morally outraged or something. Very energetic!

Afterwards I had to write “Spanking is Good for Me” many times filling two large whiteboards - and not allowed to write big. It almost drove me crazy. It was genuinely punishment.

Now that I have a moment after the action to think about it. Duh. I got the message. She wanted to be sure that the ship was righted again and that the crew (me) was ship-shape. I have a feeling I have not heard the last of this.

Well, that was a chance for me to share with the Blog in real-time. It’s the next best thing to being with another DWC couple or talking with one of my old DWC buddies.


  1. Cool session......."role play" with more than a few real life associations to actual things going on. Wonderful fusion!

    (I see you deleted your other post. Did you have a change of heart?)

  2. Thanks for sharing your punishment with us. You were needing a good spanking I think.

    1. Yea. Hard to disagree with you. I have been in a good mood ever since.

  3. Happy to read that your wife is somewhat, if not totally better. Please give her our best wishes.
    Also, I am certain you benefitted from the spanking, as you have stated in the comment just above this. Spankings help a marriage, and it has been a wonderful addition to our life, with me being spanked.
    bottoms up

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