Saturday, February 23, 2019


There's something very prevalent on spanking sites that really irritates me. It is the co-opting of images of women that have nothing to do with spanking and publishing them with "cute" spanking phrases added to the images. I brought this up to a guy who runs a popular spanking site and his solution was for me not to look at them if I don't like it.

I wonder how it must feel to those women. How I would like it if I found images of women from my family turned into "pornography", which is how I believe non-spanking people would perceive it.

This is, I daresay, an "Inconvenient Truth". To acknowledge that it's plain wrong and immoral, and eliminate that stuff would decrease the content available to spanking sites. It would also involve more rigorous curating by site/blog owners.

But, there is a lot in the world that needs changing. And this subject to me is really about making a choice for decency.