Monday, May 20, 2019

Lonley Hearts Ads

It’s been a bit over a year and it has settled in, emotionally, that she’s really and truly gone. A big part of me was too freaked out to find my way back to normal reality. But I hacked my way through the thorns.

Recently speaking with a DWC couple, and especially to a firm-handed DWC wife, has been yet another kind of therapy for me. It reminded me what it feels like to be with people who understand such a private and important part of who I am.   For the first time I wondered if it was even remotely possible that I would find a DWC companion/friend. I was amazed that the thought surfaced and I recalled that Aunt Kay wanted me to continue to be disciplined. She said it was the best thing for me.

I thought about how often Aunt Kay would hear from single guys so desperate to find someone.  It always frustrated us and made us sad that it was so hard for DWC guys to find the relationship they need.  The Internet is a wild and woolly place and I have seen hundreds of ads from needy guys.  And frankly I find the majority of them crude. But I don’t know if they find their counter-part or what.

Aunt Kay always wanted to help guys find a partner. I know she counseled and coached and encouraged quite a few with some success. She especially felt it was such a waste that those guys were single because the vast majority of the time they would be a great partner.

Now it’s me joining the mass of guys who need a firm hand and discipline. The ideas that came unbidden to me as ways to at least get a good spanking are too embarrassing to elaborate upon. But they did reveal moments of almost desperation

What might my ad look like? “Older man desires a fun, companionable relationship with a woman who understands that spanking their partner keeps them healthy, and wise. Living in the Sierra Foothills of California.”

How would you write one for me, or one for yourself, or one for your partner?