Monday, April 20, 2020

DWC spanking in the year 1480

Brass plate with the image of a wife sitting astride her bare-bottomed husband with a birch rod raised to spank him. He holds a cross-reel, i.e. a tool used to wind yarn off a spindle; a typical task for women and children. Netherlandish (Dinant or Malines), ca. 1480. The motif of the wife beating her husband was extremely popular at that time and area.


  1. I did a post on this a while back. Rosa and i have a print of ths in a round plate-style frame in our bedroom.

    I got teased by my stepkids when they saw this at the Metropolitan Museum on a trip there many years ago!

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    1. Oops, sorry, not Danish, was it? Apparently not enough coffee today, even though it's mid-afternoon

  3. Tomy, I enjoy reading your blog. I feel for you for the loss of Aunt Kay. She sounds like she was a remarkable woman and the stuff of many a man's dreams. I've gone back and read most of your blog entries. They are fascinating, as well as titillating. Aunt Kay really knew how to spank. I wish you the very best as you adjust to life without her guiding presence.

    1. Without that disciplinary maternal presence I'm like an engine running on some kind of fuel that keeps the cogs turning but definitely at a sub-optimal level.

      It would practically be a miracle if a disciplinary-minded woman found her way into my life. But at my age, I guess I'm not alone in losing a lifestyle partner.