Tuesday, June 1, 2021

"Captioning Sites Exploit Women"

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This blog entry is an editorial and hopefully it will persuade some of you to reconsider what it is you are actually looking at on some sites. I'm referring to what is called "captioning" and involves superimposing text onto photographs, the majority of which have been found on the web and "repurposed" for adult entertainment. I  am, of course, speaking to the spanking community. I can't boil the ocean. But if I can raise a little consciousness I'll consider my ranting justified.

Let me begin by saying that if the photo in question was originally done for a spanking site or such, caption away, have a blast. But many are simply women's vanity or glamor shots and I think it is disgraceful to steal these images and project "cute spanking sayings" over them. My god, some of the subjects look very young, sometimes practically children.

I have complained about this stuff before and been told "get over it, it's the digital age now. It's just the Internet."  or worse "It's harmless fun." Well, I guess people can hide behind any justification, regardless of it's truth,  just to get a brief rise.  It's not "harmless fun" Some subjects are literally traumatized to see their innocent images used that way. It's digital rape!

Do they even consider who that person might be? Someones teenage daughter, someones mother, someone's wife? Well, that's exactly who they are.

If this little essay offends you or turns you off from coming to my blog; farewell and have a nice life. If it detracts from your enjoyment of these exploitations, good for you, it's called growth. If it moves you to speak up against this stuff on other forums - welcome brothers and sisters.


..... and a mea culpa

When I voiced this opinion to another Blogger it was pointed out that in the early days of the DWC online we did a couple of those captioning things. I own that, I regret it, and we were lacking in the perspective I am sharing now. I had never read accounts of the women effected by this.

Friday, May 21, 2021

House on Fire


I must have the “writing bug” right now. Often many months can go by before I have anything to say and here it is less than a week and I’m writing again.

Aunt Kay was both a passionate and practical person. Because of that she was always very sensitive to things that involved potential danger to us or our pets. I received some of my very worst spankings due to failure in those matters.

One of issues she diligently held me accountable for was my occasional
carelessness with fire. It was deserved and necessary. There was one incident that all but burned a house down. I mean they saved some of the structure. But it was really bad. Yesterday, I forgot I had stuff heating on a gas stove in the house for quite a while. I happened to go into the kitchen from outside and discovered it before it became a fire problem.

Back when she was here, that kind of carelessness earned me a major licking. Talk about all business. Those spankings were unendurable. She lectured me with intense anger and held back nothing. Those sessions were extremely effective and I would go years before even slipping up.

Since she has been gone, I have slipped up a few times; thankfully not to the point of any fires. But it is still unnerving for me. If she had her wish, there would be a DWC woman to step in and handle things. I know it would make my “memory” improve. No one wants that spanking.

Well, I am going to try my best to develop the right habit of NOT LEAVING the area when the stove is lit. My intention is for it never to happen again. But at the moment I feel guilty, stupid, and unfulfilled that the discipline she would have rightly delivered cannot be forthcoming.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Invited for an OTK session


A DWC woman who knew Aunt Kay from several coaching phone conversations invited me to visit her and get some OTK along with good food and conversation. But the logistics make it a non-starter - she lives on the other side of the country.

However, the unexpected offer left me feeling really good. Her generosity raised my spirits quite a bit. It validated my belief that DWC women, for the most part, take on the disciplinary role for loving and generous reasons.

I had to chuckle when she advised me to make sure that any new woman in my life is a natural top. I know she is, and no she’s not a potential partner.

It’s funny, even though that alluring opportunity is never going to be realized, just talking to a DWC woman, made my life so much brighter.

Here I am again sharing squishy feelings and not an exciting recount of getting a good dose of the hairbrush. Maybe someday I’ll have something like that to share. Meanwhile, I hope this stuff isn’t too boring for you.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Caught Cheating


I’m pretty sure that many of you, probably the majority, concluded that was referring to being with another woman in some way or other. Well, it makes for a good headline. But nothing could be further from the truth. There was never, for one second, the possibility of desiring anyone else; from the very beginning. And even if I found myself distracted with such a temptation, it would be immediately dismissed anyway.  That’s not the way I roll.

It had to do with my stealth practice of taking a few Tylenol, or something similar in advance if I knew a spanking was coming. Of course I didn’t always get advanced warning. But if I did, I took advantage of it.

Did I feel like I was being sneaky? No. Not really. Truth is I am such a low-pain tolerance person that when I could take even a bit of the edge off it I could be more available and less desperate, making it a better experience for her.

One day she happened to notice me taking the pills and asked about it. I explained it as I just did for you and she studied me, thought for a couple of minutes, and concluded that my intentions were honorable. Now I just know some of my friends would razz me and say “Uh huh. That’s why you took the polls, for her? Uh huh. Like I’ll believe that.” I couldn’t say that they were completely wrong. I was in fact trying to save my ass to some degree.

Technically, it was her idea in the first place. Once when we were going to a party, she encouraged me to take some Motrin. I was freshly recovered from a back injury, but really wanted to go. She, being exceedingly practical, came up with the idea.

Not exactly an earth-shaking story. But I hope that was interesting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Beginnings


It’s hard for me to believe it. But it’s been three years since Aunt Kay left. Many of you have been supportive to me and reached out with kind words and that’s something I will never forget.

Here, among you who come to this site because we have the same interest, I feel like I am talking to people who not only care, but also understand. And I hope my openly sharing this dark chapter in my life may be helpful to you if/when you must face a loss like this.

Three years; it’s a long time and it’s just an eye blink. I KNOW she would not like me to stay without a woman in my life. She told me and she would be getting impatient about it by now. I guess I would say “I’m ready now”, whatever that means. But I don’t know what it is I’m ready for. I feel like I am a pretty good guy and a woman could do worse.

But what am I “ready” for? Sometimes I think a new friend/partner would have to be DWC-oriented. That having that element in my life, even though I’m not exactly young anymore, would be a righteous thing. Other times, I think that NOT having to get spanked isn’t such a terrible fate either. We shall see what we shall see.

But what grows ever clearer to me is the intimacy factor. I think, as best my recollection serves me, that I have felt a genuine sense of intimacy toward every woman who has spanked me. Not to say I felt attached or anything. Just that experiencing a woman’s discipline is really special. So I come back to the fact that the intimacy is what matters to me far more that the disciplinary aspect.

So what am I open to? Who knows? The Universe is always listening. I’ll let you know how things turn out. Meanwhile, enjoy each day to the maximum, have no regrets, help others when you can, and say “yes” more often than “no”.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

"Fetch Me A Switch"


Today I was working in the woods, clearing dead wood. (we have to be super conscientious about fire danger here in the Sierra Foothills) As I was working I heard the words “Bring me a switch.” I did a double-take and looked around. Of course there was no one there. I admit to being a kind of Woo Woo guy, have been since I was a kid. It was probably my imagination, or was it? In the past three years my relationship with other realms, other realities, or maybe just extensions of my own consciousness into spaces it didn’t travel before have expanded greatly.

It made me smile. I am sure it is the only time, ever, that those words made me smile. Those were probably the most dreaded words for me in our DWC relationship. Sometimes she would say “Go cut a switch”, or “Bring me a switch.”  “Fetch me a switch” was revealing in a way. She grew up on a rural dirt farm and although she never discussed discipline there, a few hints leaked out from time to time.

She taught me what she expected a switch to look like. I only brought a wimpy one to her once, causing her to go get one for herself. She had me examine it, explained that it was e sturdier than what she normally sent me for, and then used it. Message received!

She used the switch very infrequently. For example; while she liked me to be an assertive guy, and encouraged healthy discussion about things, I sometimes got carried away arguing too vehemently, and even being sarcastic. All of a sudden I would hear, in a very calm measured voice, “Go fetch me a switch.” I knew I was totally screwed and I had better not open my mouth to in any way object.

The switch is extremely painful and leaves ugly welts. You have heard the phrase “a spanking you’ll never forget?” Trust me; this is something you can live without “remembering”. But I wanted to share this memory with you because I actually felt nothing but loving memories when I heard that voice in the woods. I would absolutely have loved to be fetching a switch for her.

On our wedding day we took a private stroll before the ceremony and, seated on a fallen log, she switched my bare butt over her knee.